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Overwatch Character Highlight: Reinhardt

Published: August 24, 2016 1:00 PM



Of all the Tank class heroes in Overwatch, Reinhardt is easily one of the most versatile. Not only is Reinhardt rather easy to use, he is a force to be reckoned with. Reinhardt's health and armor is average for a Tank; however, the shield he projects covers enormous ground, which lets him soak up more damage than any other Tank individually. But he isn't just a damage sponge; a good Reinhardt player knows that he can be an even bigger threat in close quarters combat.

Reinhardt's Abilities Include


  • Primary Fire
    • Reinhardt is one of the few heroes with no projectile primary weapon. Instead, he wields the Rocket Hammer, a powerful melee weapon with a long reach and good damage. The hammer itself also gives slight knockback to enemies.
  • Alternate Fire
    • Reinardt's bread and butter is his shield, the Barrier Field. This is a massive shield that faces forward and has 2000 health points before it breaks (that's twice as much health as Winston has during his Primal Rage). As the shield takes damage, the meter in the center of the screen will decrease; however, the Barrier Field's health can be restored just by not using it for a short period of time. The Barrier Field is made of energy, so energy based attacks such as Symmetra's Energy Ball and Winston's Lightning can pass through it.
  • Fire Strike
    • The only projectile attack Reinhardt has at his disposal is the Fire Strike. When activated, Reinhardt swipes his hammer across the ground and sweeps up a verticle blade of fire in the direction that you're aiming. This 100 damage attack is great for hitting groups of enemies and enemies at a distance. The Fire Strike can also go through energy barriers like Reinhardt's own Barrier Field.
  • Charge
    • One of Reinhardt's more difficult moves to pull of is his Charge. When used, Reinhardt charges forward and will either grab anyone he runs into or knock them away for 50 points of damage. Then, if Reinhardt can smash whoever he's pushing into a wall, it will deal 300 points of damage, enough to OHKO any Attacker, Healer, or even some Defensive heroes. This charge does have a limit; if you don't hit a wall, it will end and give any enemies you pulled a chance to counter attack.
  • Ultimate Ability: Earthshatter.
    • When activated the Earthshatter will knock down any enemies in front of Reinhardt for 2.5 seconds and deal 50 damage. Proper use of this ability is difficult because you yourself do not have many abilities that can easily take a group of knocked down enemies out very quickly, so it is best to coordinate with a teammate.

Tips And Tricks For Playing Reinhardt

  • Do not underestimate your Rocket Hammer. In close range combat, a Reinhardt that isn't afraid to go on the offensive is a powerful threat.
  • The Charge itself is difficult to control, both when trying to get enemies with it and controlling your momentum. Don't be greedy with your Charge—save it for surprises or after you've done an Earthshatter.
  • As long as your Barrier Field has 1 point of health, it can block large attacks like D.va's self-destruct
  • After an Earthshatter, you have three options for how you want to take out the knocked down enemies:
    • You can Fire Strike, dealing 100 points of damage to anyone it hits; however, they need to be pretty well lined up in order to do this.
    • You can Charge, and since they're stunned, it gives you a good opportunity to pull it off, but again don't get greedy—make sure you line up your shot.
    • Or you can just use your hammer. Swing your hammer around and you'll likely hit a few enemies at once for solid damage.

Reinhardt is an incredibly solid Tank choice, and he's arguably one of the better Tanks. When you're on the defense, keep your shield up to keep damage off of your enemy team. On Payload maps, you can stand on the Payload and keep your shield up to make steady progress. As Reinhardt, you need to lead the charge, taking the early damage for your team. If an enemy tries to get in close, teach them a lesson with your hammer. There are few heroes that are as lethal at close range combat as Reinhardt is.


Heroes Reinhardt Is Best Against

Most Offensive heroes are going to have a hard time against Reinhardt. Tracer, McCree, Genji—they move fast but they don't have the power to make a dent in him. Not to mention, if you can land a Charge on them, they're dead.


While Symmetra can hit you through your Barrier Field, she herself can't do much to Reinhardt up close. Even with sentry turrets, Reinhardt is strong enough to take Symmetra out and the turrets. The reach of his hammer also makes taking out turrets rather easy.

Counter-Heroes To Watch Out For

Bastion will absolutely tear through Reinhardt's shield, as will a Torbjorn Turret, and there isn't a whole lot Reinhardt can do at a distance against them.

Reaper can do a lot of damage at once to Reinhardt thanks to his size, and his maneuverability makes him a hard target.


Lastly, Reinhardt himself can be dangerous against Reinhardt, solely because of his limited move set, and the fact that his Fire Strike can go through his shield. You have to out Reinhardt the other Reinhardt, though this could be said against any hero fighting against themselves.


There are few times when Reinhardt is a bad choice. If you follow these tips and practice as Reinhardt, you'll be carrying your team in no time!

If you have any strategies of your own, leave them down below in a comment!


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