Overwatch Character Highlight: Reaper

Published: September 8, 2016 1:00 PM



One of Overwatch's most lethal Assault heroes, Reaper, wields two shotguns that are excellent at slaying Tank class heroes. Reaper is often regarded as an easier character to use because of his damage output and his lack of abilities. He has only one damaging skill, and the rest are maneuverability based. Reaper is designed to be the kind of hero that sneaks his way in and does heavy damage to all around him. However, only having 3 abilities and one passive ability makes him a pretty limited option.

Reaper's Abilities Include:


  • Primary Fire
    • Reaper carries two shotguns, each with four shots, totaling for 8. The true power of these guns comes from their spread, as they fire many bullets at once, but they spread out and lose their effectiveness at long range. The best way to utilize them is to get up close on large targets to make sure every one of your shots connect.
  • Wraith Form
    • Reaper's best escape skill is his wraith form. It makes him invulnerable for only 3 seconds, but this can be enough to get out of a tough situation.
  • Shadow-Step
    • The Shadow Step allows Reaper to teleport himself to a location in his sight. This can be very useful to get across the map fast, get behind enemies, and reach locations he otherwise couldn't. When Shadow Stepping, you have a lengthy animation sequence that leaves you quite vulnerable before and after you step.
  • Passive Ability: The Reaping
    • Aside from Soldier 76, Reaper is the only Offensive hero with the ability to heal. Whenever Reaper kills an enemy, they will drop a Soul Globe, red esper-like spheres. When collected, these will heal Reaper for 50 points of health and allow him to keep fighting a lot longer than other Offensive heroes.
  • Ultimate: Death Blossom
    • When activated, the Death Blossom will cause Reaper to fire both his shotguns at once in a circle, dealing a total of 510 points of damage. This can easily destroy lower health enemies, and clear the field of anyone hogging a point.

Reaper does have his limitations, only one offensive ability doesn't leave him many options for how to go about killing. However, thanks to his Wraith form and Reaping Ability, he can be a lot more effective at playing Offensive than other heroes. You shouldn't lead the charge with Reaper, he's picked off too easy. Instead, you should sneak your way around enemy lines using his Shadow Step or Wraith form if needed, and then attack the point when they aren't expecting you. Because Reaper can heal himself with every kill, he can stay in the middle of a heavy firefight a lot longer than heroes like Tracer or Pharah.

Tips And Tricks For Playing Reaper:


  • Reaper's shotguns may lose damage at greater distances, but that doesn't mean they can't be effective. Shooting Pharah in the air, or anyone at a distance, will give them just enough of a poke to irritate them.
  • Thanks to his damage and spread, Reaper excels at finishing off enemies, which in turn gives him more health.
  • Wraith form can be effective at getting yourself into or out of a crowded room. If you use it to get through enemy lines or into a point, pop your Death Blossom after it wears off.
  • The Death Blossom does make you a rather large target, and it doesn't instakill anyone it hits. Time your Death Blossom carefully and with your teammates so the entire enemy team isn't ready to shoot you the second you use it.

Heroes Reaper Is Best Against:

As I said before, Reaper can just tear through Tank heroes. Because his shotguns deal more damage up close, and on larger targets, Tanks like Winston, Reinhardt, and Roadhog all make for excellent bullet sponges. D.Va is already a squishy hero, even with her changed defense system, but Reaper gets so up close that her Defense Matrix makes almost no difference.


Almost any hero with 250 health in a one on one fight against Reaper is going to have a hard time. Between the amount of damage he does, the spread of his shots, and his Wraith form, it's difficult for other Offense heroes to take him out.

Counter-Heroes To Watch Out For:

The worst situation for Reaper is running into the enemy with no back up and up against multiple opponents. He cannot charge the front lines by himself, and heroes like Widowmaker, Hanzo, and Mei can easily pick him off before he gets anything done.

While Reinhardt is a huge target for Reaper, Reaper cannot hold his own against that hammer. Between Reinhardt's Armor, and hammer, you will have a hard time fighting him alone.



Reaper might seem like an easy hero to use, but you really do need to know how to use him effectively. He's great for new players and even experienced ones once you know how to maximize his potential. I hope you enjoyed this article. As always, if you have your own strategy for Reaper, feel free to leave a comment down below!

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