Overwatch Character Highlight: Mei

Published: October 31, 2016 9:00 AM



Back when Overwatch first launched, there were a couple heroes in particular that caused frustration within the community. Mei is one of the few heroes with "Debuff" abilities (A Debuff being something that lowers stats, such as speed or defense). Mei herself has no armor, decent health, and her abilities are almost entirely designed around self-preservation and annoying the enemy.



Mei's Abilities Include:

  • Primary Fire
    • Mei's primary fire shoots out a stream of ice, which deeals about 45 damage per second. Additionally, while being hit by the stream the enemy will begin to slow down. If an enemy is hit with the blast for 2 seconds, they will freeze for a second and a half, ample time to go for a kill.
  • Alternate Fire
    • The alternate fire to Mei's weapon fire's an icicle straight forward. The accuracy and damage output of this almost makes her a pseudo sniper, but it's better use is to headshot frozen enemies. Icicle shots do 22-75 damage depending on distance.
  • Cryo-Freeze
    • The Cryo-Freeze will freeze Mei in a block of ice for four seconds and make her completely invulnerable. While frozen, she will heal herself for 37.5 health per second.
  • Ice Wall
    • Another ability designed to interrupt momentum, the Ice Wall is exactly what it sounds like. Mei creates a large wall of ice (either parallel or perpendicular to Mei). The wall lasts for 4.5 seconds or until Mei cancels it. The Ice Wall can be destroyed, and it can be used to block large attacks like the D.Va Bomb. The wall is also Climbable.
  • Ultimate: Blizzard
    • Mei's Ultimate is extremely powerful. It creates a miniature snow storm in a large radius, and any enemies in the circle will take 20 damage per second (for a maximum of 100 damage) and will be slowed and frozen solid. It's essentially an Area of Effect form of her Primary Fire.

While some heroes are criticized for being overpowered, Mei is criticized for being annoying, and that is exactly how you should play. Mei works best by getting in close to a single opponent, freezing and headshotting them. Every one of her abilities are designed to frustrate and interrupt momentum. Enemies coming through a choke point? Make an Ice Wall. About to die? Freeze and heal. The enemy team making a push on the point? Start a Blizzard.



Tips and Tricks for Playing Mei:


  • Don't try to get in sniper fights. While Mei does have some range on her, she does best at mid to close range.
  • Mei's Blizzard takes some practice to throw correctly. She tosses her little robot in an underhand arc, but it will activate wherever it hits on the ground. For best accuracy, aim at the ground.
  • You can use your Ice Wall or Cryo-Freeze to block large incoming attacks.

Heroes Mei is Best Against:

Mei is an odd duck in this category. She's generally good against potentially anyone, but it's better to think about who you should avoid rather than who you should beat.

It's primarily Offensive heroes and Support who Mei excells at. Reinhardt is OK to fight because you can pretty easily avoid his hammer, but it would be better not to go in alone.

Counter-Heroes to Watch Out For:


The main heroes Mei should avoid confrontation with are Tanks and Snipers. Mei has almost no health in comparison to a lot of heroes and isn't strong enough to take out Roadhog, or Zarya, or anyone really.

Junkrat is great for dealing with Mei because he has high ranged damage output. Not to mention even if Mei heals herself, he can lay traps around her.

Widowmaker can easily pick Mei off and one of my favorite things to do with Hanzo is wait till Mei is frozen, get right up to her and draw an arrow. As soon as she comes out, instant death.



Even though I hate Mei on a very deep personal level, she is still one of my favorite characters in Overwatch. As always, if you enjoyed the article or you have your own strategy for Mei, leave a comment down below and look forward to the next article.

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