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Overwatch Character Highlight: Hanzo

Published: September 30, 2016 1:00 PM



Every sniper class hero plays very differently. Hanzo is the sniper designed for mid to long range combat. His abilities allow him to easily maneuver around the map, see through walls for incoming enemies, and even scatter his arrows to hit multiple targets. While Ana is a medical sniper, and Widowmaker is designed to kill enemies fast, Hanzo is designed more as a scout. Because he has a confusing reticle, and no scope to aid him, you have to aim your shots with your eye. In exchange, Hanzo is one of the fastest snipers and that can give him a huge edge over the enemy.



Hanzo's Abilities Include:

  • Primary Fire
    • Hanzo's main and only weapon is his Storm Bow. It fires a single arrow that, depending on how far the bow is drawn, can deal anywhere from 29-1225 damage.
  • Scatter Arrow
    • As the name suggests, the Scatter Arrow will divide into 6 arrows when the initial arrow hits a direct surface. Each split arrow will bounce 3 times on walls and floors before disappearing. The initial arrow does the same amount of damage as a normal shot, and each split arrow does 75 damage.
  • Sonic Arrow
    • This arrow connects to a wall or surface and allows your whole team to see enemies that walk through it. It's similar to Widowmaker's ultimate ability, only with a small area.
  • Mobility Skill: Wall Climb
    • Like Genji, Hanzo can climb vertical surfaces to reach new vantage points.
  • Ultimate Ability: DragonStrike
    • In my opinion, one of the strongest abilities in the game, the DragonStrike fires a pair of circling energy dragons in the direction the initial arrow is fired. Enemies that come in contact with the dragons will take 200 points of damage per second. The dragons cannot damage inanimate objects such as Torbjorn's turret, Mei's wall, Junkrat's Trap, etc. However, the dragons will pass through walls and barriers such as Reinhardt's and Winston's.



Hanzo can be difficult to play. The Dragonstrike alone is an incredibly valuable resource, but if you can't effectively build up your ultimate, then there's no point. Hanzo's greatest skill is to be able to move and fire very quickly. He can sneak around to a vantage point, fire off an arrow, and keep moving. He doesn't need to charge his shot or worry about his teammates.

Hanzo works best at mid to long range; it gives him that half-second he needs to draw his bow. A good Hanzo player can stay calm in the middle of a push and snipe at enemies one at a time.


Tips and Tricks for Playing Hanzo:

  • Use your Scatter Arrow for hallways and narrow passages. The arrows will have a better chance at hitting anyone inside.
  • Your Sonic Arrow is extremely useful for scouting out your shots. Use the arrow in a pathway that enemies would likely walk through and prepare your shot for as they come out.
  • Your Dragonstrike is incredibly powerful at clearing a point. Whether you need to take over a point or get people off of the payload, when they hear the dragons, they're gonna move. That being said, it's not hard to avoid the dragons, so consider what angle you fire the dragons from. Try to either catch the enemy team by surprise or fire it so that the dragons spend a long time over the point.

Heroes Hanzo is Best Against:

Low health heroes die pretty easily to Hanzo. Pharah in particular has low health and is a giant target in the air.

Mei is one of my favorites to fight as Hanzo. She has low base health, and if she freezes herself, I just draw my bow and wait till she's out. Free Headshot.


Hanzo and Widowmaker are fairly evenly matched. Widowmaker is stronger at a distance, and at very close range, but at midrange or even long range Hanzo can outspeed her.

Counter-Heroes to Watch Out for:

Bulky heroes—Roadhog, Reinhardt, Winston—all of these may be large targets, but because you can't fire many shots very quickly, they can just soak up your low damage output.

Fast heroes are also a problem. If you can hit Tracer as Hanzo, good on you but it's not an easy task.


Reaper isn't very fast or has high health, but at close range he's going to be very difficult to fight.


Out of all the snipers, Hanzo is my favorite to play. It's hard to justify him for competitive play, but a good Hanzo player is a force to be reckoned with. I hope you enjoyed this article, and as always, if you have any strategies for Hanzo, leave them in a comment below.

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