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Overwatch Character Highlight: Genji

Published: September 14, 2016 1:00 PM



Play like a ninja—that's one of the best pieces of advice I could give to anyone wanting to play Genji. At first glance, Genji comes off as a somewhat weaker character: he has low health, no natural defenses, and his offensive abilities don't seem very dangerous. However, underestimating Genji is the last thing you should do. His agility is nearly unrivaled in the game, being able to double jump at will, dash in any direction, and quickly assassinate heroes that are already on their last legs.



Genji's Abilities Include:

  • Primary Fire
    • Genji's main weapon is his shuriken, three metal stars that he throws in a straight line with his primary fire. Each shuriken individually deals 28 points of damage, for a total of 84 if they all connect.
  • Secondary Fire
    • Alternatively to the primary fire, Genji can also throw his shuriken in a spread, so they can hit a moving target more easily.
  • Swift Strike
    • The Swift Strike propels Genji in the direction that he's looking and slices anyone he comes across. The skill has an eight second cooldown; however, if Genji gets a kill, it will automatically reset the skill for immediate use.
  • Deflect
    • When Deflecting, Genji pulls his short sword in front of him and blocks any incoming projectiles and sends them back at the attacker. It isn't a perfect mirror reflection; whatever Genji deflects will be thrown in the direction that he's looking.
  • Mobility Skill: Wall Climb
    • Like Hanzo, Genji can climb any walls to get to higher vantage points.
  • Mobility Skill: Double Jump
    • Unlike Hanzo, Genji has a unique Double Jump ability. It's as simple as it sounds: Genji can jump twice. While in the air, he can use any of his weapons.
  • Ultimate Ability: Dragonblade
    • Genji's ultimate ability unsheathes his Dragonblade katana for six seconds. The Dragonblade itself does 120 points of damage per hit, and Genji can use all of his abilities while the ultimate is active. Activating the Dragonblade also resets the cooldown on the Swift Strike.

As I said in the beginning, Genji's abilities reflect his theme, so you should play like a ninja. Sneak around enemies to get behind them, take out enemies before they get a chance to see you, and run away and regroup if you're in a fight you can't win. Of all of Genji's abilities, the Double Jump may be the most frustrating for opponents. Because he can jump twice in any direction, he becomes difficult to hit, especially when you're getting in a Swift Strike to move even faster. Your primary fire should be used mostly for picking off weakened enemies and enemies at a distance.


Tips And Tricks For Playing Genji:

  • One of Genji's best strategies is to combine the easy kills you get with the Dragonblade with the swift strike. Take advantage of your agility by double jumping and Swift Striking so enemies can't get a lock on you. Get hits in on your Dragonblade when they're disoriented and try to reset your Swift Strike as fast as you can. You can easily get a group of kills if your targets already have low health or are naturally fragile.
  • While most players have wised up to this strategy, your deflect can destroy a careless Bastion. Bastion has one of the highest damage outputs of any hero, and by the time he's realized what's happening, he's going to be dead.
  • Genji's deflect can repel literally any projectile. Reinhardt's Firestrike? Deflected. Pharah's Missile Barrage? Back at her. Zarya's Graviton Surge? It's your Graviton Surge now. You can even deflect Hanzo's Dragons if you block the arrow he initially shoots. Keep in mind, you have to deflect these as they're coming at you.



Heroes Genji Is Best Against:

It's hard to say what heroes Genji is best against in particular because he's so versatile that he can be effective against almost anyone.

Bastion, of course, is relatively easy prey for Genji. His moves are very stilted and obvious so you can easily turn them against him. Mercy, Lucio, and Zenyatta all require fairly precise hits for their weapon to be effective, so Genji can take them out without too much trouble.

Anyone who hangs in the back-lines like Widowmaker is going to have issues with Genji, because it's so easy for him to get back there.


Counter-Heroes To Watch Out For:

Tanks are going to be a problem for Genji. Roadhog and Reinhardt in particular have so much bulk and thrive in close quarters combat. Winston can also quite easily chase Genji down and keep the pressure on him.

Ana, McCree, and Tracer all have short burst attacks, which are great for landing hits on Genji, but Genji himself doesn't have a lot that can take them out with. Lastly, Mei can all too easily take out Genji. It's possible to avoid her ice blast, but its reach makes that very difficult and it can't be deflected.

You likely won't see much Genji play in competitive, but when you do, you better hope that they don't know what they're doing. If you enjoyed the article, or you have your own strategies for Genji, leave a comment down below!


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