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Published: October 29, 2016 9:00 AM



Back when Overwatch first launched, there were a couple heroes in particular that caused frustration within the community. Bastion was criticized for being too powerful, and to the untrained eye, it may have appeared that way. Bastion has incredibly high damage output, and, with proper coordination with the rest of the team, can be an incredibly difficult force to overcome. However, the problem wasn't that Bastion was too powerful, it's that he was too easy to use, which is also his biggest weakness.



Bastion's Abilities Include:

  • Primary Fire: Recon
    • In his standard Recon form, Bastion's primary fire isn't much to brag about. It's a worse version of Soldier 76's assault rifle. This is a last resort weapon for Bastion; the magazine only holds 20 bullets and they hit for 6-20 damage.
  • Primary Fire: Sentry
    • Bastion's core ability is his Sentry configuration. Once he transforms into a turret, his damage output skyrockets. It's the difference between firing a sub-machine gun and a gatling gun. In this form, Bastion fires 200 shots per magazine at 4-15 damage each. The shots are very concentrated and accurate.
  • Reconfigure
    • Bastion has two configurations, Recon and Sentry. In his Recon form he is completely mobile and has access to his lesser weapon. In Sentry form his damage output is higher, only he is completely stationary.
  • Self-Repair
    • Because Bastion is going to be stationary for most of his time, he has a self healing ability. While Bastion can use this healing ability in either Recon or Sentry form, he cannot move or attack while he is doing it. Self-Repair heals for 25 Hp/s.
  • Ultimate Ability: Configuration Tank
    • Bastion's ultimate ability unlocks his third form, the tank. As a tank, Bastion can fire explosive shells out of a cannon. The ultimate lasts for 8 seconds and each shot does 205 damage with splash damage.
Like I said before, Bastion is an easy to use character. The average player can pick him, go to a good location and stay there mowing down enemies as they walk in front of him. What most players won't do however, is move after they've made a kill. Once you've killed a player as Bastion, they know where to look for you and they've alerted their team of your location. I would recommend that after three or so kills at the most, move your location.

The fact that Bastion has one ability to effectively help the team is his biggest downside. Even his ultimate is arguably worse than just his sentry form because it takes you out of a secure position. Other heroes who don't have many abilities but high damage output make up for it in other ways. Reaper for example only has one attack, but his ultimate grants him Area of Effect damage. Bastion doesn't have this, which means he can't offer much to his team unless his team works around him.



Tips and Tricks for Playing Bastion:


  • If you're being attacked, it's generally not worth it to shift out of Sentry form and run away. In the same vein, it's not worth trying to heal through an attack.
  • If you need to heal yourself, don't do it out in the open. Find cover and then heal up.
  • Genji is the go-to Bastion counter, and inexperienced Bastion players will try to just go for the kill. If you encounter a Genji, try to bait out the reflect but stop after they do it. Then continue after it's over or just before it's over.
  • Bastion has a weak spot on his back. When in Sentry mode, a bright blue exhaust port is revealed and hitting it deals critical damage. As Bastion, make sure your back is covered before placing yourself.
Heroes Bastion is Best Against:

Bastion is excellent at destroying tanks; he can tear through Reinhardt's shield, shred through D.Va's mech, and Roadhog can't do much of anything against Bastion.

Offensive heroes also have a hard time just because they have so little health to begin with. Pharah in the air is a great target, especially if you can catch her during her ultimate.

Counter-Heroes to Watch Out For:

When people were complaining about Bastion being overpowered, the developers would constantly tweet out three counter heroes that are great for dealing with Bastion. Those heroes were Widowmaker, Junkrat, and Genji.


Widowmaker and Junkrat are both long range heroes with a high damage output. Bastion can take them out if he gets the chance, but both of them can easily get hits in without Bastion ever seeing them.

Genji is tricky. He has a deflect ability which rebounds any projectile in the direction he's looking. If Bastion recklessly fires into him he can easily counter it.

I've never been of the opinion that Bastion is overpowered; he's just easy to use and he can be extremely effective, but I've always felt he was a more casual hero. If you enjoyed this article or you have your own strategies, feel free to leave them in a comment below.

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