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Unless you've been hiding under a Graveler for the last 24 hours, you've probably heard that Nintendo just announced Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield for the Switch. In addition to a new region and look for the series, the trailer gave us our first glimpse at Generation 8's three new starter Pokemon: Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble.


And just like any new Pokemon game reveal, the first thing we need to do is loudly declare our favorite starter and bash anybody that disagrees with us! To that end, we locked the entire TechRaptor staff into a single cage to determine the best new starter. Those that survived the ensuing melee voiced their opinions below.

Austin Suther

While I think all of the new starters look great, I'm going with Sobble. I normally prefer either water or grass types, and it came down to the design. Sobble looks adorable already but I think his evolutions have the most potential out of the bunch as well. He's apparently kind of timid and shy, but I'd like to see his evolutions have him become more and more confident. And did you hear the sounds he makes? It's perfect!

Alyssa Wejebe

Little water lizards that seem to have a nervous streak like Sobble are adorable, but I have a soft spot for the green primate Grookey too. I just love his design; it's equally adorable, with all those looping curves in his body, and the way his colors come together. I like that it looks like Grookey accessorizes a little with what seems to be a top knot held up by a twig. And I enjoy how that apparent top knot looks like a bundle of leaves, tying in even more with his grass type. I like the chill vibe I get from him, contrasting with Scorbunny's pep and Sobble's shyness. I appreciate that it's Grookey who closes out the trailer for the new starters. I like his whole little scene, that sneak peek of him in action with the stick drumming, and his acrobatic climb to new heights as a new Pokémon game gets ready to launch later this year.

Don Parsons

I'd say Sobble was my favorite of the bunch—while I generally prefer Grass starters, Grookey didn't really latch on for me and seemed to lack personality in what was there while poor Sobble was being bullied by that horrible bunny. I'd like to help him get back at the white rabbit!

Nick Maillet

I have a pet rabbit so Scorbunny is naturally my new favorite Pokémon. I just really hope he’s not fire/fighting because that’s probably the worst thing to happen to Pokémon other than the one that looks like a set of keys.

Andrew Stretch

Scorbunny has gotta be the best looking of the new starters. A new cute lil' firestarter (this one literally) to add to all of the other awesome fire starters. From the get go you can see the energy and spunk he has running and hopping about. It's also awesome to see that the legacy of fire starters being members of the zodiac is still staying strong! (We've only got a few left now!) At the moment it's obvious that everyone's worry is that we're going to end up with a fire/fighting. I don't believe this will be the case. Scorbunny may have designs that make him look like a martial artist but even Incineroar didn't get fire/fighting. I'm hoping that Scorbunny ends up looking somewhat like King Kazma from Summer Wars.


Jack Waibel

Did you see Sobble poking it's head out of the water like an awkward little kid? I can relate to that on so many levels. It also stopped a potentially dangerous grass fire caused by Scorbunny's recklessness. Sobble, I choose you.

Rutledge Daugette

Let’s talk about why you should pick Grookey, alright? First, he looks like a baby monkey, and that’s adorable. Second, you can never go wrong with a Grass type. Finally, Grookey is easily the best name of the three. Where my #GrookeyGang at?

Brian Renadette

I'd say I'm a Scorbunny fan. I think it's because its design is more different compared to the other two. It also helps that people on Twitter have been doing art of it as various rabbit characters, including Big Chungus, Roger Rabbit, and Max from Sam and Max. Here's hoping it doesn't wind up another fire/fighting type!

Andrew Otton

Squirtle is best.


Apologies for Otton misspelling Bulbasaur. Anyway, what do you think of Gen 8's starter Pokemon? Which one is your favorite? Let us know why it's Sobble in the comments below!

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