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A nicely made farm in Ooblets

If you've played farming simulators before, you may think you have a good handle on how to play Ooblets. However, whether you're a long-time Story of Seasons fan or have never done any farming in a video game, there are some important tips to take into consideration when building up your farm. Here are seven Ooblets tips to help make the early game easier and help you get your farm running its best.

Complete Tinstle's Tasks

Some of Tinstle's tasks in Ooblets.
So many tasks, so little time.

Your main way of progressing through the game and unlocking new content comes from completing the various tasks Mayor Tinstle gives you. Most of these either require you to win a dance battle or collect some resources, and you can unlock more of them as you gain levels from various tasks. If there's one you should focus on doing right away, it's fixing the Friendship Sticker Printypress. Getting it fixed will unlock the ability to improve your relationships with the main villagers to earn stickers and items. Simply talking to a villager once every day gives 10XP, and talking to every villager can give you a total of 160XP every day, which can greatly improve how much XP you earn.

Watch Your Energy

An exhausted player in Ooblets
Another downside to low energy: a goofy walk cycle.

Like many farming gamesOoblets has an energy system that limits how much farming and foraging you can do every day. However, it's also worth noting that your current energy also dictates how much you can sprint. The obvious way to heal energy is by eating food, such as the Bunglebee Buns that you get at the start of the game. Additionally, if it isn't close to the end of the day, you can go nap in your bed to gain a small amount of energy back. It isn't much, but it could be enough to get some extra gardening done.

Grow Some Clothlets

Buying clothplant seeds in Ooblets.
A bit expensive, but very worth it.

Many of the things you'll build on your farm will require the same four resources. While plankets and nurnys are easy to come by when cleaning your farm fields, clothlets and oobsidian are much rarer. You can usually find one clothlet around town per day, two if you're lucky, but that's far too few for most players. Fortunately, Meed's Seeds usually has clothplant seeds in stock which you can use to grow your own, allowing you to get plenty more clothlets than you can normally forage.

Check Everything

Something hidden in a sparkly barrel in Ooblets.
It's a time-honored tradition for video game protagonists to dig through everything.

Make it part of your daily routine to go into every building in Badgetown and dig through everyone's stuff. Some of the most important things you can find are recipe scraps and club stickers. Club stickers can be used once you get some of the ooblet clubhouses up and running, while recipe scraps are key to unlocking more craftable items. If you manage to get four of them, you can assemble them to unlock a random recipe. After you've searched something for the first time, you'll later be able to tell if it has something new if it sparkles. 

Make a Wish

The wish menu in Ooblets.
Can't I just wish for everything?

By completing daily tasks and earning badges, you can earn wishies that can be spent on a variety of goods and upgrades. By going to the Wishy Well outside of town hall (or hitting the Wishy Well button in your Almanac), you can access a menu for spending wishies. Just some of the things you can buy include personal upgrades, adding new ooblets to Badgetown's spawn pool, giving the stores more daily stock, and buying rare items. Just what you can buy depends on your current experience level.

Keep an Eye on Your Crops

A patch of farmland in Ooblets
Farming is a 24/7 job.

Veteran farming sim players know that the state of your farm only updates when you're sleeping. However, in Ooblets, your farm updates multiple times per day. This means that crops can dry and weeds can spread while you're out and about. You'll want to check on your farm a few times every day to make sure that your crops don't need tending, as dry crops will stop growing, and crops that get wilted from being infested with weeds will become unable to grow until they're weeded and given some TLC.

Get Those Gleamies

A villager talking about gleamies in Ooblets
A good summary of what gleamies are.

Every species of ooblet has two special color variations. There's the uncommon variant and a third variant known as a gleamy, which comes with a sparkle effect much like a shiny Pokemon. Both of these are worth more gummies than the regular variety when scanned at the Lernery, but gleamies have an extra-special boon. When you have gleamy ooblets set as your homebabies, they make it easier to find oobsidian, one of the rarer materials used in farm construction. Unsurprisingly, gleamies are very rare, but the end-of-day report shows you what ooblets will be in Badgetown the next day. Use that to help you find gleamies and plan on getting what you'll need to dance battle with them for their seed.

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