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One Piece Odyssey features many sidequests, most of which requiring you to find items or fight enemies. However, the Grand Line Quiz series of sidequests rely more on your knowledge of both Odyssey and One Piece as a whole. In our One Piece Odyssey Quiz Guide, we'll give the answer to each question and the main reward for completing this questline.

It's worth noting that the order you're given questions in for each quest might be different from our list, though there are no missable questions. Furthermore, there is no penalty for getting questions wrong (other than the time needed to restart the quest).

Grand Line Quiz Kid Answers

The first part of this questline can be found in Alabasta, at the oasis in the Great Sandy Desert. It won't show on the map until you have access to the northern part of the map, after the main story quest to retrieve your wallet. Unlike later Gran Line Quiz quests, the kid Zoner only needs you to answer questions.

Gran Line Quiz Kid Level 1

  1. Q. What's the name of a poisonous spider that looks like fruit? A. The Desert Strawberry.
  2. Q. Who is Alabasta's ruler and twelfth successor of the Nefertari Royal Family? A. Cobra.
  3. Q. What animal will ask you to become your apprentice when beaten in battle? A. The Kung Fu Dugong.

Gran Line Quiz Kid Level 2

  1. Q. What animal plays dead to steal the belongings of travelers? A. The Bilker Heron.
  2. Q.What is the name of the large casino in Rainbase? A. Rain Dinners.
  3. Q. What's the name of the giant gators who inhabit Sandy Island? A. Banana Gators.

Gran Line Quiz Kid Level 3

  1. Q. What is port city Nanohana's local specialty? A. Perfume.
  2. Q. What is Alabasta Vice-commander Pell's alias? A. Pell the Falcon.
  3. Q. What is the rare, giant catfish found only in the Sandora River? A. The Sandora Catfish.

Grand Line Quiz Lady Answers

The second quest will only become available after completing the main story in Water Seven. From there, you can find the next Zoner in the northern part of Water Seven City Area.

Gran Line Quiz Lady Level 1

  1. Q. What is the name of the Sea Train currently servicing Water Seven? A. Puffing Tom.
  2. Q. What is the name of the annual high tide that overwhelms Water Seven? A. Aqua Laguna.
  3. Q. What is the mounted transportation essential to living in Water Seven? A. Bull.

Gran Line Quiz Lady Level 2

  1. Q. How many foremen does the Galley-La company have for each dock? A. 5.
  2. Q. What is the highest tier Bull you can rent from the Rental Bull Shop? A. King Bull.
  3. Q. What is the name of the endangered tree that is the strongest in the world? A. Treasure Tree Adam.

Map showing location of One Piece Odyssey Quiz Lady for the Level 3 sidequest.

Gran Line Quiz Lady Level 3

Rather than trivia questions, Zoner now wants you to find her in Water Seven. To reach her hiding spot, travel to Dock One, then go north. Zoner can be found behind the wagon.

Grand Line Quiz Madam Answers

This next one can be found after completing the Marineford main story section. Talking to Lim after this part will take you to Marineford City Area, a brand new area not visited during the main story.

One Piece Odyssey Marineford Bridge

Reaching Zoner this time has an extra step in the form of a broken bridge. While Franky can rebuild this, you'll need 2 Wootz Steel Bolts. Thankfully, these can be gathered nearby via the glowing icons on the floor. With the bridge built, head further into Marineford to find Zoner.

Grand Line Quiz Madam Level 1

  1. Q. What is the name of the bell in western Marineford? A. The Ox Bell.
  2. Q. The "Ultimate Military Force" of Marines HQ are Aokiji, Kizaru, and who else? A. Akainu.
  3. Q. What is the name of the prison impossible to break into or out of? A. Impel Down.

Grand Line Quiz Madam Level 2

  1. Q. What is the name of the giant gate in both Enies Lobby and Impel Down? A. The Gates of Justice.
  2. Q. What is the name of the warden of Impel Down? A. Magellan.
  3. Q. The Three Great Powers of the Grand Line are the Four Emperors, Marines HQ, and? A. The Seven Warlords of the Sea.

Grand Line Quiz Madam Level 3

This is another game of hide and seek, now taking you to the southern end of Marineford City Area. Here, you'll have to save Zoner from a group of escaped criminals — these will be a cakewalk to beat, especially if you've progressed further in the main story.

Grand Line Quiz Mister Answers

The fourth and final quest of the One Piece Odyssey Quiz questline can be found in Dressrosa after beating the main story there. Here, you'll run into another Zoner with 3 more quests.

Grand Line Quiz Mister Level 1

  1. Q. What is the name of the violent fish that lives in the sea near Dressrosa? A. The Fighting Fish.
  2. Q. What is the name of the place in Dressrosa where gladiators fight? A. The Corrida Coliseum.
  3. Q. What flower blooms in the garden near the Dressrosa Royal Palace? A. Sunflower.

Grand Line Quiz Mister Level 2

  1. Who is the man called the strongest gladiator of the Corrida Coliseum? A. Kyros.
  2. What are the dwarves who live in Dressrosa called? A. The Tontattas.
  3. The current Ultimate Military Force of Marines HQ are Kizaru, Ryokugyu, and? A. Fujitora.

Grand Line Quiz Mister Level 3

This last quest brings together all of the Zoners you've met so far, though the youngest has been kidnapped. To save her, head directly south of the coliseum (the south west part of Dressrosa), and fight off the criminals to finally complete this questline.

Grand Line Quiz Rewards

Finishing the final part of the One Piece Odyssey Quiz questline will net you, among other things, the Treasure Chest Key. This item can be used to open the 22 shiny locked chests scattered throughout Waford and Memoria — you'll have likely ran into some during your journeys. Each one contains decent accessories, though they aren't necessary for beating the game's hardest bosses. For the locations of every locked chest, check out our One Piece Odyssey Locked Chests Guide.

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