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Help. Please.

I'm at E3. You know, where they have all the newest video game announcements. Did you guys see Doom Eternal? What about the Final Fantasy 7 Remake? These are huge games being announced, huge games that will dominate the gaming landscape for years to come. I'll be playing them and I'll even be previewing them on the show floor. Yet here I am, in line, in bed, laying in the middle of the showfloor, playing Blip Blop, a mobile clicker tie-in to upcoming indie game Mosaic.

Okay, back up. Mosaic is an atmospheric adventure game being made by Among the Sleep developers Krillbite Studios and published by Raw Fury. It's rather mysterious in its presentation, but the most I can figure out is that you play as a depressed man working for a company named Mosaic. There's some super weird imagery, which includes the main character being shrunk to the size of an ant and having to avoid other people walking around. However, this article isn't about Mosaic. Instead, it's about Blip Blop, a mobile clicker game made as a tie-in.

Yes, a mobile clicker game. One that was announced during the PC Gaming Show even. All you have to do? Hit a button that says "Blip," and doing so gets you "Blops." As you get more Blops you can spend them on rewards for more Blips. This will allow you to earn more Blops for each Blip, or automatically earn Blops overtime. This is fun! I mean, it's not fun in the traditional way where I keep playing it straight through for hours on end, but it's fun in that way where I kept seeing numbers that were bigger and bigger. These are the numbers I love the most.

blip blop gameplay
I need to blip my blops!

As far as clicker games go, Blip Blop is on the simple side. There's little to do outside of the clicking itself, and there's only three types of updates to get. Aesthetically, it feels good. I loved how each Blip made my phone vibrate and caused little squares to shoot out and fly into the numbers. The game's artstyle also fits in with Mosaic quite well. In-universe, Blip Blop is a game made by the company Mosaic and serves as one of the primary money makers.

But get further, and there's something slightly sinister under Blip Blop's cute core. Occasionally ads run for other products sold by Mosaic are displayed. Tapping on these ads brings you to a webpage for Mosaic, so you can learn about their products or sign up for a job. Naturally I had to do the latter, and I was prompted into giving Mosaic my e-mail. Now I'm signed up for their newsletter. What sort of weirdness will await me there? I'm entirely unsure. I can't wait to find out.

Blip Blop is like the perfectly weird introduction to Mosaic's world that I want to dive further into. I have no clue what is behind this twisted app, and I always feel like I'm just scratching the surface of a bigger story. Thankfully, I'll be getting a chance to see Mosaic soon and see how my questions are answered.

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