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Last Update: April 14, 2022


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Nobody Saves The World is the new RPG title from Drinkbox Studios. In this game, you play as Nobody, a husk of a person who happens to get himself on a magical want that gives him access to a variety of magical transformations. These different transformations use Mana to attack so it's in your best interest to obtain as much mana as possible! In this Nobody Saves The World Fairy Collectible Guide we'll go over how to find all of the mana gifting Fairy that you will encounter in the world.

What are the Nobody Saves the World Fairy Collectibles?

Each Fairy you encounter has some pretty interesting art and a unique name but what you'll likely be after is the expansion to your total mana. There are a total of 35 different Fairy that you can find scattered across the world.


Nobody Saves the World Fairy Locations

Along with a numbered list of their locations below, you'll also find regional maps to help you locate any you've missed below:

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  1. The first Fairy you run into will be directly in your path near the start of the game and is unavoidable, this one will teach you what the Fairys do.
  2. In the central city of the map, this Fairy will be to the South of the Knights Guildhall. It's behind some fence and is only accessible via water so you'll need to unlock the Mermaid before you can obtain it.
  3. To the North-East of the Grand Castle, you'll find a cave with a treasure chest in it. Behind the treasure chest is a small space for a rat to get through. Go through this path to find this Fairy.
  4. Once you're in the Wormroot Woods head East until the path curves to the North. You'll find that there's a hidden path you can follow that will continue to the East where you can find this Fairy. The path is on full display in your minimap.
  5. After getting a swimming transformation head to the screen to the right of where the game began. In the far South West of this region is the Fairy.
  6. From the Belly of the Whale Sub-Dungeon in the South-East of the map head East and there will be a secret path obscured near a waterfall. Use the minimap to locate it. Follow the path within and you'll be led north to this Fairy.
  7. From the Witch Queen Catacombs in the Eastern part of the map keep heading East into the cemetery. On the far edge of the cemetery overlooking the water you'll find this Fairy.
  8. From the Eldritch Gourd dungeon in the South-East of the map head South into the marshlands. Once you can't go any further South start heading West and you'll find this Fairy.
  9. From the Eldritch Gourd dungeon in the South-East of the map head South into the marshlands. From the broken tower in the Marshlands swim further south and you'll find a tiny island with only a Fairy on it.
  10. After finding your way to the Unidentified Fallen Object in the East head to the West before circling North. As you move out of the region with the toxic hot springs you'll see a fairy in some bushes to your left. Turn into a Rat and go through the small opening to your North to get to the Fairy.
  11. From the Unidentified Fallen Object head to the North-East exit to end up in a forested area. Once you enter this new area hug the wall on your left and follow it until you reach the Fairy.
  12. From the Big Gnarly sub-dungeon head to the East until you reach the warp point. From there walk North to find this Fairy out in the open.

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  13. After getting a swimming transformation go to the small body of water to the North-West of the Tower of Atonement and swim West. The Fairy will be directly in front of you.
  14. To the right of the Dead Dragon Sub-Dungeon in the same cave as the Not Tomb Raider Squire Rank Quest Marker.
  15. This Fairy can be found on a cliff to the north of the warp point in the same area as the Ancient Robot. To get it you need to head South towards the radioactive town and then back North leaving through the Eastmost exit. At the end of the Rock Maze head West and South to get find the Fairy near a locked gate.
  16. Head North-West from the Ancient Robot Dungeon. On your way, you'll find a cave that if you go into has a save rock and a locked staircase. Instead, walk around to the back of this cave and enter through the hidden back entrance. Make your way through this linear dungeon to find this Fairy.
  17. From the Ancient Robot Dungeon travel North-West until you exit into a new area. You'll find this Fairy on a small pathway directly in your way.
  18. From the Thieves Guild in the radioactive town head south towards the Moletopia Sub-dungeon. From here head West and enter the house. Inside is a Fairy.
  19. After obtaining a flying/swimming transformation head to the radioactive town in the South-West region of the map. Head south turning into the Ghost to float over the oil lake. Head as far South-West as you can and you'll find a small beach with a lone person and a cave. Head inside this cave to find the Fairy.
  20. Head into the big building to the West of the Morningstar Power Plant and destroy the boxes and watercooler. Behind it is a Fairy.

    Nobody Saves The World Fairy Locations 03 New
  21. You'll find this Fairy in the cave to the West of the Sweet Home Dungeon. It's pretty much unmissable.
  22. From Octavia's lab head North through to the new area. From there hug the left wall and you'll end up next to a Fairy and a chest. Defeat the enemies and pick up your rewards.
  23. From Octavia's lab head straight North and when you get to the four way intersection continue heading north. This path will hook around to the right and you'll find the Fairy and two chests.
  24. From Octavia's lab head North and then East at your first opportunity to enter a watery area. As you travel East over water you'll find a switch to gain access to a previous area and then another Fairy further to the right.
  25. To the East of the Depleted Mines sub-dungeon, this Fairy is on the ledge. To get to it walk South and East across the bridge and then head North through the forest.
  26. To the South of the Golden Temple there is a small maze area where the camera zooms in. If you take the East most paths you'll find a small clearing with a Fairy and sacrificial altar.
  27. From the New Crystal Mines sub-dungeon walk around to the back of it and follow the path and you'll find this Fairy.
  28. Head West from the village next to the Depleted Mines and you'll find a small body of water with a Dolphin in it. Swim through the rocks to the south and hug the Eastern wall as you go down and you'll find a Fairy on a small beach
  29. From the Village next to the Depleted Mines exit through the North-West exit. You'll find yourself in a small lagoon with a Fairy on the central island.

    Nobody Saves The World Fairy Locations 04 New
  30. Head to the far west and look for the staircase going down next to the purple body of water. Inside is a maze you can only enter as a rat. Make your way through it to get this Fairy.
  31. Exit the purple lake to the West and head immediately south. You'll see this Fairy out in the open.
  32. From the Beheaded Behemoth Sub-Dungeon head West. When you first get an opportunity to head North follow this path. Once you reach the teleport point head to the left until you get to a tree next to a river. Travel to the North bank of the river and defeat the enemies there and you'll find this Fairy.
  33. To the East of the Beheaded Behemoth Sub-Dungeon there's a cave you can drop down into. The cave has little light and if you walk into the dark you'll begin taking damage. You'll see rocks that you can break to reveal more braziers. Make your way to the South-West corner of the cave and you'll find this Fairy. Lighting all of the braziers in this room will also earn you the 'The Light Expanse' achievement/trophy
  34. From the Dark Tower sub-dungeon circle around the Tower courtyard counter-clockwise and in a small nook you'll find this Fairy.
  35. From the Dark Tower head as far North-West as you can and you'll find this Fairy out in the open. Defeat the enemies around to get the Fairy, or just rush in and snag it!

With that you should have all of the Fairy to be found in Nobody Saves The World.


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