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Last Update: January 18, 2022


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Nobody Saves The World is the new RPG title from Drinkbox Studios. In this game, you play as Nobody, a husk of a person who happens to get himself on a magical want that gives him access to a variety of magical transformations. There is one transformation that is more powerful than all other transformations though. In this Nobody Saves The World Egg Nest Location Guide we will show you where to find each of the five nests needed to access to powerful Dragon transformation.

How to unlock the Dragon in Nobody Saves The World?

There are a few criteria needed to unlock the Dragon and as it's the final transformation it might take some time. In order to transform into the dragon you need to have the following transformations:


  • C-Rank in Robot transformation
  • C-Rank in Necromancer transformation
  • S-Rank in Egg transformation

To achieve the C-Ranks for the Robot and Necromancer you just need to unlock them through normal play and then complete enough transformation quests to ascend to C rank. The Egg is a different situation as the Egg only ever has one transformation quest, that is to sit in a nest underneath a big bird. There are five nests hidden around the world that you'll need to locate, transform into the egg, and enter. With each nest you sit in your rank will increase by one getting you from F-rank, all the way to S-rank by the time you've sat in the final nest. 

Where to find the Nobody Saves The World Egg Nests?

You don't need to find the egg nests in any particular order but nests 4 and 5 will be locked off until you have access to the northern half of the map. To gain access to the northern half of the map you need to first acquire two of the crystal shards. Each of the directions will begin at the dungeon they're closest too, these should appear and remain on your map allowing for easy traversal.

Nobody Saves The World Egg Nest 1

Nest Location #1

From the Horse Mines Sub-Dungeon at the beginning of the game head south through the rat crawlspace and then West. You'll find this nest right here.


Nobody Saves The World Egg Nest 2


Nest Location #2

From the Ancient Robot in the West head North-West and you'll eventually find a house with two staircase icons on it. Go into the house, down the stairs, and back up them and you'll find yourself behind the house where the second nest is.

Nobody Saves The World Egg Nest 3


Nest Location #3

From the Eldritch Gourd dungeon in the South-East of the map head South into the marshlands. Once you can't go any further South start heading West and right next to where Fairy #8 was you'll see a nest up on a ledge. Transform into a creature that can swim and circle around the cliff clockwise. There will be a pathway leading up to the nest obscured by leaves so keep an eye out for it.

The remaining nest locations can only be obtained after you have access to the Northern half of the map

Nobody Saves The World Egg Nest 4

Nest Location #4

The Fourth Nest you'll come across will be behind the Beheaded Behemoth Dungeon. Unfortunately to get there is a bit of a trip. From the Beheaded Behemoth head West, circle clockwise through the walkway up until you hit the teleport point. Continue East and then South the first chance you get and you'll find this nest.

Nobody Saves The World Egg Nest 5


Nest #5

From the Secret Corporation dungeon head South as if you were heading to the region of the map with the New Crystal Mines. Right before you head through the boundary between areas instead head East through a hidden pathway. Follow this watery path to find the final nest.


After using all five nests you'll now have your Egg at S rank. If this is the first S rank transformation you've achieved you'll earn the 'The S is for Super' Achievement/Trophy.

What can the Nobody Saves The World Dragon do?

The last two parts of earning the Dragon transformation are to get your Robot and Necromancer to C rank. Once you've earned those too, which you likely will be the time you're here in the game you'll unlock the Dragon Transformation for yourself and earn the 'Behold my true form, and despair!' Achievement/Trophy

Nobody Saves The World Dragon Transformation

The Dragon is arguably the strongest form in the game. It has the following abilities:

  • Passive Ability: Dragon's Dread - +10% Crit chance vs baddies that have negative Status Effects applied
  • Signature Attack: Clawmbo - Tap attack: Swing those giant claws. Restores 3 Mana.
                    Hold attack: Charge up and dash that leaves Burning lava in your wake. Lava deals Light damage.
  • D Rank: Fire Breath - Hold: Breath Fire! Power and range start to dwindle after 1 sec. Builds +35 Burn. Reduced Move Speed -50%.
  • B Rank: Fire Ball - Tap: Blast a fiery Fire Ball.
                                  Hold: Fire Ball explodes, leaving a laval pool that builds Burn! Costs 45 Mana



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