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Nobody Saves The World is the new RPG title from Drinkbox Studios. In this game, you play as Nobody, a husk of a person who happens to get himself on a magical want that gives him access to a variety of magical transformations. This colorful world is filled with unique transformations, interesting gameplay mechanics, and more dungeons than you can shake a wand at. In this Nobody Saves The World Beginner Guide we'll explain some of the key aspects of the game, what kinds of quests you should be keeping an eye out for, and some tips for a challenging Dungeon.

Nobody Saves The World Transformations

What are the transformations and how to unlock them?

There are a total of 18 different transformations available to unlock in Nobody Saves The World including the form you start as, Nobody. In order to obtain new transformations, you need to clear transformation-specific objectives to rank them up. As you rank them up you'll unlock more. Below is a list of all of the transformations and their requirements:


  1. Nobody - Acquired at the start of the game
  2. Rat - Acquired once reaching D-rank with Nobody
  3. Guard - Acquired once reaching D-rank with Rat
  4. Ranger - Acquired once reaching C-rank with Rat
  5. Egg - Acquired once reaching B-rank with Rat
  6. Horse - Acquired once reaching C-rank with Guard
  7. Magician - Acquired once reaching B-rank with Guard
  8. Slug - Acquired once reaching C-rank with Ranger
  9. Bodybuilder - Acquired once reaching B-rank with Ranger
  10. Turtle - Acquired once reaching C-rank with Horse
  11. Monk - Acquired once reaching A-rank with the following transformations
    • Horse
    • Magician
  12. Zombie - Acquired once reaching C-rank with Magician
  13. Mermaid - Acquired once reaching C-rank with Slug
  14. Rogue - Acquired once reaching A-rank with the following transformations
    • Slug
    • Bodybuilder
  15. Ghost - Acquired once reaching C-rank with Bodybuilder
  16. Robot - Acquired once reaching C-rank with the following transformations
    • Turtle
    • Monk
    • Zombie
  17. Necromancer - Acquired once reaching C-rank with the following transformations
    • Mermaid
    • Rogue
    • Ghost
  18. Dragon - Acquired once reaching S-rank with the Egg transformation, as well as C-rank with the following transformations
    • Robot
    • Nectomancer

Always make sure you're actively using your transformation with the lowest rank so you can always be working towards your next transformation

Nobody Saves The World Beginner Guide Dragon

What are the recommended Nobody Saves The World transformations?

There's a few reasons why specific transformations are good. The first type of transformation you should be actively working towards are those that give you additional abilities in the overworld.

  • The Turtle and Mermaid transformations allow you to swim in any of the bodies of water present around the map. This is a good transformation to work towards early so you don't end up missing our on any secret areas or collectibles. The ability to cross over bodies of water is also required for progression.
  • The Rat allows you to get through narrow gaps and explore special areas but you obtain that immediately after starting the game so you'll never be without it.

Nobody Saves The World Beginner Guide Transformations


The next best aspect of what transformation will depend on what types of enemies you're facing and what type of playstyle you most enjoy. As you obtain more transformations and rank them up you'll also be able to equip them with each others abilities. This allows for a potentially infinite number of combinations to explore to best fit what situation you're in.

  • The Ranger, Slug, Mermaid, and Rogue are all excellent in long ranged combat
  • The Rat, Guard, Egg, Horse, Magician, Bodybuilder, and Robot are all close ranged fighters
  • The Magician, Zombie, and Necromancer are unique as they allow the player close range combat, but also give them abilities to summon familiars or even transform foe into friends
  • The Ghost is entirely unique that instead of a specific attack instead he creates an AoE field around him that applies continual damage. The more damage it does the faster it's cooldown is allowing you to stack AoE effects
  • The Dragon is a close ranged fighter but has a powerful long range and an AoE attack that leaves field damage. He's about as all-round a stock character as you can get.

How to power up your character in Nobody Saves The World?

Player level vs Transformation Rank

As you play through the game there will be two ranks that will increase as you complete quests. You'll be able to level up your Player Rank by progressing through the game and completing sidequests at locations like the Knights Guild or New Order of Wizards. Your overall level increases your base stats such as health and different types of attacks and defences. 

Your Transformation Rank will alter how much is available to each of your transformations. A fresh transformation will only allow you to use its signature Attack and signature Passive Ability. Complete the transformation specific quests to be able to progress from F-rank all the way up to S-rank. As you level up through the ranks you'll gain access to new attacks and will unlock the ability to swap out a transformation's innate abilities with the abilities of other transformations. While the slug might normally leave a slippery slime trail and shoot snot balls, you could even give it the Dragon's Fire Ball power. If you're not actively working towards completing a transformation objective you're honestly wasting your time, be sure there's always an objective you're working towards either to power up a transformation you like, or to get it at an appropriate rank to unlock the next transformation. 


Nobody Saves The World Beginner Guide Quests

What currencies are in Nobody Saves The World?

There are three currencies in the game:


  1. Money - Obtained by defeating enemies these can be spent at the shop for direct ability upgrades, Stars, Upgrade Tokens, or new Passive Abilities
  2. Stars - These are obtained by completing Quests or purchasing them from the shop. You'll be spending these to unlock the Legendary Dungeons which allow story progression so make sure you're knocking out as many quests as possible along the way!
  3. Upgrade Tokens - These blue coins can be found in chests, obtained from completing dungeons, or can be purchased at the shop. You can use these to upgrade your different transformation abilities allowing you to speed up cool down times, have abilities cost less mana, or increase the damage dealt by attacks.

Check the Nobody Saves The World Shop Frequently!

The Shop is outfitted with upgrades for your attack, defence, with Stars, and with Upgrade Tokens. As you progress through the game she will add a number of infinitely repeating side-quests that you can purchase and passively complete for bonus experience. These side-quests can include things like "Open Chests" or "Kill Enemies". The Shop will also get a series of Passive Abilities that you can also purchase. Make sure you're checking back frequently!

Nobody Saves The World Beginner Guide Thieves Guild

How to beat the Witch Queen Catacombs in Nobody Saves The World?

The Witch Queen Catacombs is one of the hardest dungeons in the game. While it's an earlier one the special criteria for the dungeon is that any time the player heals the rest of the enemies in the dungeon also gain that same amount of health. Up until now you've likely been relying on skills that increase your health on every attack, or even the food items that drop from enemies. This dungeon requires a complete refresh of the way you might be used to playing it, below is a description of the loadout and strategy used


Transformation: Ghost at B-Rank
Passive Abilities: Spooky, Melee Mitigation, Status 'Splosion, Poison Dampener
Active: Boo III, Slow and Steady 1, Gallop 1, Blob Lob 1


I had tried many different combinations of movesets to get through this dungeon with strength alone but the reliance on healing items continued to leave me in a situation where I was helping my enemies as much as I was hurting them. Instead the Ghost allowed me to enable the passive Boo attack and deal continual damage to regain Mana, I'd then frequently apply Slow and Steady for the defence buff, then I would run. Instead of clearing enemies room by room you want to be making your way through this dungeon asap using Gallop if there are any larger or warded enemies in front of you.


When you have a large number of enemies on your tail activate the Blob Lob, even sending it in front of you will help slow them down even further. Between the Boo fear status effect and the Blob Lob slowing enemies this will cause the Status 'Splosion effect to trigger in an attempt to thin the heard that's hot on your heels.

A lot of enemies will do everything they can to poison you and deal damage over time, try to upgrade Poison Dampener as much as you can as that will allow you to slow down how quickly you're poisoned.


Important things to note:
There are monsters in this dungeon that spawn as many creatures as they can in retaliation to any familiars. If you come in with the Zombie or Magician you're putting yourself at a huge disadvantage.

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