Nick’s Untitled Weekly Wrap Up 7/24/16

July 24, 2016 11:00 AM

By: Nick Maillet


Summer is my least favorite time of the year.  California burns down to the ground, everything is sweaty, no games worth playing are released, and we're still months away from pumpkin spice coffee.  All that being said, this week's weekly headlines have managed to bring a smile to my and probably nobody elses face.  From skull fracture inducing Pokemon battles, someone showing everyone a new use for a piano, and Ubisoft finally telling everyone how to not pronounce their brand name, it's been a pretty strange seven days.  




The Headlines That Make Us Think

MMA fighter celebrates KO by putting on a Pokemon hat and throwing a pokeball at opponent

I love combat sports. Whether it's the cocaine-fueled WWF of my youth, faygo powered backward wrestling, or more questionable hip-hop inspired awkwardly shot cellphone videos, it's always great to see someone bring something new to the world's greatest sport.  Earlier this week Micheal "Venom" Page proved to the rest of us that you can in fact capture a Pokemon after a devastating knockout.  Gotta Catch em all

How Pokemon would probably fuck: An investigation

There's a lot I could write here that would probably result in this being the last thing I ever post on Techraptor.net, so instead im going to plug our Kickstarter here.  In all seriousness, though, as a subscriber to the physical magazine, it's good to see Vice once again raise the bar on important world changing hard hitting journalism.TechRaptor Kickstarter



Florida Man Shoots at PokemonGO Teens 

I guess the memes were correct.  Team Rocket isn't fucking around anymore, stay safe everyone. 




The EVO Player Whose Fighting With a Piano

I used to play keyboards in metalcore bands and always dreamed of being able to put those skills to use and do something important.  Now I have a new direction in life. All I need to do is pick the right weeb fighter, play my way to EVO fame, and eventually die from the overload of women knocking my door down. 


Someone replaced all of Dark Souls III’s textures with crabs

Dark Souls 3 Crab Mode

This kills the spooky game. 



The Rest

Beloit police looking for man wearing fedora hat

Verizon will cut off unlimited data users who use too much unlimited data

Japanese company offers 'armpit fan' to fight summer heat

China views Pokemon Go as a threat to its military bases



Pokemon Go: Bosnia players warned of minefields

Police Using Pokemon GO To Lure In Fugitives


Indie Nightmares


But not let you downP.T. and Resident Evil 7 don't have shit on this digital nightmare.  I like to think this is the kind of video game everyone who lives in Hell AKA Wario Ware plays in their free time. It's good to see the gaming industry finally bring quality games to the Mac. 

In ARMAGAD you do things ... I'm not sure what, but after you click around a bit you may find yourself looking into the glare of your screen and realize the happy little boy you once were is no longer there. Now all that's left is a hollow shell of a man who counts down each sunset hoping the next one will be meaningful.  For all I know none of this is real, and I'm just stuck in an endless loop where ill play ARMAGAD every 27 years.  ARMAGAD solidifies the notion that Indie games are truly the future of art. 

Internet Killed The Video Star








Something We Can All Agree On






Final Thoughts

One more week to go until August and a bunch of you go back to school for a depressing fall semester.  Until then, whether you're out catching Pokemon, fighting at Warped Tour, playing Overwatch, standing in line at SDCC,or just adding to the intellectual discussion on 4chan. Try to do something nice for someone you don't know, experience something new, drop some lures for fuck sake.  

Until next time. Stay rad.