The Most Read TechRaptor Articles of 2018

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TechRaptor had a fantastic year of writing, with a number of great original content pieces, investigative journalism articles, and a consistent stream of news. With an average of 12+ articles a day, before the holiday season, our readers are able to look forward to a number of articles to find on the site each day!

We figured it would be neat to look back at our most-read articles of 2018, excluding reviews and (most) guides, to see what our readers consumed the most on TechRaptor. Plus a few we feel you NEED to read.


The 35 Most Read TechRaptor Articles of 2018

1. HuniePop and Other Adult Games Facing Removal From Steam Store

It was certainly an interesting year for adult gaming on Steam, wasn't it?

2. 13 Advanced Tips for Stardew Valley

Feed your chickens. Water your crops. ???. Profit.

3. HuniePop 2 Announces New Trans Character Polly, Delays Release ‘Til 2019

Dating Sim + Match 3 = Hot, Hot, Hot. No news on an update release date yet.

4. The Iron Mac: How to Get Rid of Annoying Local Items Keychain Box


This article is from 20-freaking-14. Crazy that this is still an issue, but glad we're still able to help people!

5. Unfortunately-Named Keyforge Decks Are Being Recalled


This was some interesting news to cover. Randomly Generated Decks with no words removed from the generator? What could go wrong? (We even made an entire article of hilarious card names!)

6. Humble Bundle Offers Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Bundle For Charity

More D&D is good, and especially for charity. Hopefully you had a chance to pick this up!

7. [Rumor] New Batman Arkham Title To Be Announced

We want a new Batman game, you want a new Batman game, everybody read about the Batman game.


8. Chris Avellone Talks About Departure From Obsidian Entertainment

A conversation with Chris Avellone about his time at Obsidian, which happened to drop a few bombshells. Take a read for all the juicy details.

9. Where Does the Mass Effect Franchise Go After Andromeda?

Hopefully somewhere with better animations. Kidding aside, this is a great article, and pretty much all of us here at TechRaptor really want more Mass Effect.

10. Nintendo Unveils A New Browser-Based Mii Maker

Now you can perfect your Mii in the browser instead of losing your 2 hours of tweaking when the power goes out.

11. KekRaptor: Bowsette Announced For Smash Ultimate

You know you want it.

12. Pokemon Gold and Silver SpaceWorld Demo Leaked

This was huge news - a really interesting look at a Pokemon that could have been.

13. Disabling the Minimap in Red Dead Redemption 2 Changes Dialogue To Give Directions

If you didn't know you could do this - now you do, and you should try it.

14. BattleTech Tabletop Interview – Bringing The Future Of BattleTech To Us Now!

A lot of history...a lot of questions. Really great interview, which you should take some time to read!

15. No, Bethesda Didn’t Send the Power Armor Edition Bag to Influencers

It's important to check your facts, and we saw a lot of misinformation flying around about this - so we felt it needed to be corrected.

16. PUBG Corporation Admits Cosmetics Affect Gameplay in Lawsuit

This was certainly unexpected to hear out loud. We were all thinking it, right?

17. Build and Manage A Village In Kingdom Come’s ‘From The Ashes’ DLC

People have loved this game, and thus, they read the heck out of this article.

18. The Six Best Designed Pokemon of Generation 1

Ah Gen 1, you make me remember how old I am. Also, if you didn't - check out all of our Year of Pokemon (2018) articles!

19. 15 Arrests Made in Connection to PUBG Cheaters

Cheating is bad, okay? Just ... don't do it.

20. A Hat In Time Getting New Game Plus, Co-Op And More For Free In 2018

A lot of people were looking forward to this update, for sure. Adding Co-Op was a great addition!

21. The Six Worst Designed Pokemon of Generation 2

Gen 2 makes me feel less old, and you should read this one just like the Gen 1 article!

22. PUBG Begins Region Lock Testing in KR/JP Servers

PUBG's region lock issues continued long after this article, but this was the start of them trying to listen to the community. Sort of.

23. 6 Underappreciated Pirate Games

OK there's a funny story about this one. Someone managed to use a user profile to get a torrent link for a game onto TechRaptor, which blew the F up on Google, and since TechRaptor is anti-piracy in gaming....I redirected that page to this one. Y'know, cus pirates. Yar.

24. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Black Market Revealed

Gotta have them Gun Skins! *Goes back to CSGO Danger Zone*

25. The 6 Best Kinect Games

Remember the Kinect?

26. Conan Exiles Reinvents Itself for Launch

The changes they made definitely helped this game grow.

27. 6 Great Educational Games For Adults

Learning is good. Playing games to learn? Even better!

28. Interview with Chris Avellone on Obsidian Entertainment

We followed up with Chris after our report on #8 from this list.

29. White Wolf’s Controversies Force Paradox Interactive to Intervene Making Big Changes

2018 was a rough year for White Wolf.

30. Does’s Account Creation Violate GDPR?

We spoke to a few lawyers to find out. Certainly an interesting discussion.

31. CBS Hosts The Gamer’s Choice Awards Days After Geoff Keighley’s Game Awards

This was certainly an unexpected event for 2018.

32. A Look at Fallout 76’s Legal Situation

Fallout 76 certainly made things fun for Bethesday in Q4 of 2018.

33. Diablo Immortal’s Frosty Reception And A Chat With The Red Shirt Dontinquire

"Do you guys not have phones?"

34. KekRaptor: Cute Hamster Added to Overwatch, Hero 29 Also Teased

Cute as H&$K

35. Red Dead Redemption 2: Everything We Learned About It

Everyone was R E A D Y for this game to drop this year.

10 FANTASTIC Articles that didn't make the list

There were a number of GREAT articles that we dropped in 2018 that didn't get the love they deserved, or that dropped late in the year and didn't get enough views to make the list. Here's a few of them, that you should DEFINITELY read.

1. Erich Schaefer On Starblo

Starcraft & Diablo? Please say more. (He did)

2. Fallout 2 Turns 20 – Creative Differences Never Change

20 years later, we reflect with some of the developers.

3. Frostpunk and Gameplay as the Language of Games

Take a look at storytelling through Frostpunk as an example.

4. How 11 Bit Studios Created Society Survival Simulator Frostpunk

Frostpunk is a deep game, so we took a deep dive.

5. Let’s Talk About Loot Boxes and Kids – My Personal Experience

Loot boxes were probably one of the hottest topics in 2018, and Travis weighed in with his personal experience.

6. Is The Order: 1886 Worth Playing In 2018?

This game did not get a great reception in 2015...but we think it's still worth playing in 2018.

7. Dark Narrative: Why I Like Thief - A 20th Anniversary Personal Reflection

Trevor L O V E S Thief, and you should read why.

8. Generation 8: The Rise of Games as a Service

Gen 8 has had an influence of its own on gaming.

8. 35 Years Of Influence - A Look Back at Origin Systems, Creators of Ultima and More

Origin Systems has had a huge influence on the gaming industry. Richard took a deep look into the history of this influential company.

9. Character Select - True Neutrality, Kreia

An insightful look into Knights of The Old Republic II's Kreia.

10. Character Select: Biblical Themes in Mass Effect Part 1: Redemption with Garrus

Read this AWESOME series from Robert Grosso talking about biblical themes in the Mass Effect Trilogy.


That's that! 2018 was a great year for TechRaptor, and we're amped for 2019, where you can look forward to:

  1. A completely rebuilt site with new features and designs, and membership will be returning!
  2. An expanded content plan that will have more regular in-depth content than we've ever had before
  3. More videos!
  4. Podcasts! We'll be launching our Podcast Network hand-in-hand with our new site!
Thanks to everyone who reads TechRaptor - your continued readership is what drives us day after day to create quality content. We're excited to give you more to read this year.
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