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Moonglow Bay Area Fish

Moonglow Bay is a game that features over a hundred different varieties of fish. You won’t be able to get them all just by sitting onshore and casting your fishing line though. The game has several different areas for you to fish in and of course means that there is going to be a lot of information to jot down when trying to remember where each fish lives.

Moonglow Bay Locations - Access Different Areas of the Ocean

You can access a portion of the areas simply by getting in your boat and sailing towards the different locations on the map. Here is what you need to know about going to the different areas.

  • There are several different locations in the ocean surrounding Moonglow Bay; when you enter a separate area, the name of the area will pop up near your compass.
  • You may want to wait until you unlock engine tuning to visit far-out locations, as sailing around can be a bit sluggish.
  • Some areas will be blocked off or changed depending on the chapter you are in, this is mostly related to boss fights.
  • Once the boss fight is complete, areas like the Hidden Lake will become regularly available.
  • Be careful when traveling, it is easy to hit the corner of another area without realizing it.
  • Despite the clock, you won’t be penalized for not sleeping for long periods of time. Your character may doze off for short stints of time, but this can always be fixed by buying the bunk expansion for your boat.
  • You do not do anything special to survive in the arctic area.
Moonglow Map

Once you get your boat, you can pretty much go wherever you want in the first area of the game, there is, however, a huge portion of the map that is story locked.

  • Quick Tip: Before heading out on a long journey, invest in the radio from Goto Tech, this will allow you to call Abi to tow you back to town.

To access the Hot Spring area and successfully cross it, you will need to do story quests until you unlock the small boat. There is also an ocean door that is part of the story, you will need to open the door to gain access to that part of the map.

Moonglow Bay Fish Locations - Talk To People For Fish Clues

Every location has its own unique fish, as well as some common ones that can be found in multiple areas of the sea. When you speak with townsfolk about fish clues, you will be able to see what area of the map each fish is located in. There will be a more drastic change in fish species when you go to areas like the arctic zone or go to the geysers. To ensure that you catch every fish in the game you will need to:

  • Use each lure and bait type combination in each area.
  • Use Lobster Traps in each area, especially where extreme environmental changes are present.
  • Check out areas at different times of the day and when it’s raining.
  • Fish in shallow areas when available.

In addition to these simple tips, you will need to participate in ice hole fishing in the arctic zone. This will require you to visit the Frosted Skates and dock your ship on a small pier. Please note that special animals like seals aren’t able to be caught, even when they are in the water.

Moonglow Ice Fishing

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