Metroid Dread Kraid Boss Guide (Cataris)

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Samus facing down Kraid

So you've made your way further into Metroid Dread. You've blazed your way through the area of Cataris and acquired the Varia Suit, keeping Samus cool under pressure. But what about a certain boss battle lurking in the depths? One that many fans of the franchise will know and love - or loathe and fear depending on who you ask. Yes, you will be staring down against the towering kaiju with the spiked belly and claws the size of meat hooks, the one, and only Kraid. We've made this Metroid Dread Kraid guide to help you make that particular boss fight less of a nightmare from the past.

A large open world map showing Kraid's boss room
You see a little morph ball area in this map, that's where the fight begins.

Metroid Dread Kraid Boss Guide - First Phase

The first thing to note about the beginning of this fight is that Kraid's opening attacks aren't that challenging. He'll sling boomerang-like claw blades at you and upchuck chunks of debris and fireballs at you. A few rapid shots from your Wide Beam can easily make quick work of these. As a bonus, shooting these things will give you missiles and health. The only exception is the fireballs; you'll want to dodge those.

As for damage, that's where things get tricky. There is only one weak spot on Kraid during this phase and that is in his open mouth. To make matters a bit more complicated, Kraid won't just open his mouth at random for you to shoot. During his (let's be diplomatic) Tossing Up Cookies attack, he leans backward and throws his head back. If you're lucky, you can get a few shots off here but it's not recommended.

What is recommended is making him open his mouth yourself. Start by charging up your Power Beam and fire it at Kraid. This will make him open his mouth to growl and roar. When he does so, pelt him with missiles. Try aiming for the tongue or the back of his throat for guaranteed damage.

Kraid lumbering over Samus
I'm gonna pump you with so much ordinance.

Metroid Dread Kraid Boss Guide - Second Phase

Eventually, a cutscene will play where Kraid breaks free of his bonds and slashes at Samus, dropping the floor you were on. This triggers the second phase of the battle where you're face-to-belly with Kraid's spiky gut. This is where things get a bit tricky. A spot on Kraid's gut is glowing purple. Start shooting that immediately. No missiles; just use the charge beam.

While this is happening, there are three more attacks to worry about, all of them come from Kraid's gut. The first two are variations on a purple projectile. The first one is a pure purple glob with no black center. This one just flies in an arc and breaks into two shots that go from left and right when hitting the ground. It can't be shot out of the air. The second one is a purple glob with a black center, which bounces around unpredictably. These can be broken with your weapons for health and ammo. Three or four shots should do it. The third attack are giant spikes that fly from the holes on Kraid's gut. Go into your Morph Ball mode and you should be able to slip past them.

Once you've shot the purple spot enough times, Kraid will grab his gut and fire some gut spikes. Once those fly past, a magnetic spot on the wall should slide down on the left wall. Cling to it and ride the wall up to face down Kraid's upper body. For the most part, this segment plays out like the first phase. The exception is if you get hit, you'll get dropped back to the lower level again to repeat everything. Shoot down all projectiles flying your way and keep hammering at Kraid's mouth.

The last thing to keep in mind are two different claw attacks Kraid will do here. The first is he'll lean in close to Samus with his eyes glowing red before winding up for an attack. Drop down from the wall immediately. This attack can't be stopped and does a lot of damage. The second claw attack will have Kraid wrap his arm across his chest for a backhand. This can be countered. Wait for the flash, hit Y, then hold down R and pump him full of rockets during the cinematic grab sequence.

Keep all of these tips and tricks in mind and you should be able to beat Kraid and progress further into Metroid Dread.

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