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Metroid Dread Corpius First Boss

Metroid Dread sure knows how to pack a punch with its variety of difficult boss battles. Thankfully, the first boss Samus Aran runs across isn't too difficult — if you stay focused and make sure to avoid the devastating tail of the Metroid Dread Corpius boss fight. 

On the surface, the battle against Corpius looks pretty simple but things can quickly get away from you if you're not careful. It can be tempting to rush the boss to deal quick damage but it doesn't take long for Corpius to wipe out your Samus's health. 

Metroid Dread Corpius Guide - Overview

When the battle starts, immediately aim and fire off missiles at Corpius's head. Keep an eye on its tail though and quickly make your way left as soon as it starts to move. It takes almost no time at all for Corpius to hit you with its tail, and it does a lot of damage. Don't take unnecessary risks and remain conservative with your attack patterns. 

Metroid Dread's Corpius

The initial missile barrage is difficult to repeat and is largely just to take out as much of Corpius's health as possible before the battle truly begins. Once its tail starts swinging, there will be very few opportunities to stop moving or take your eyes off. 

Metroid Dread Corpius Guide - First Phase

During the FIRST PHASE of the battle, Corpius will largely only use its tail against Samus, which isn't too difficult to dodge. Don't forget to utilize Samus's slide movement while making your way out of the tail's attack. While Corpius's tail is blocking your path, hold down L to aim and line up your next shot. The use of missiles and charged beams are the only way to damage Corpius and the latter takes a little bit of timing. 

Using charged beams is effective and a good way to conserve ammo but don't be afraid to use missiles throughout the battle. Samus can refill her energy and missile ammo by destroying the acid projectiles that Corpius throws throughout the boss fight. Charged beams work really well but they disappear after a few seconds of charging, which can make it a little more difficult to line up your shot. The key to winning this battle is remaining patient.

Your priority should be dodging as many attacks as possible, even if that means sacrificing your chance to attack. Corpius is quick, fast, and powerful. This is not a boss fight you can power through without being smart unless you'd like to get tired of the Game Over screen this early in the game. 

Metroid Dread Corpius Guide - Second Phase

After you deal enough damage, the SECOND PHASE of the battle will begin. Corpius will turn invisible in a quick cutscene but the game remains the same. It's a little more difficult to see Corpius but its movements and attack patterns are exactly the same. Hit the glowing spot on Corpius's tail with charged beams and missiles. I especially recommend using missiles here. It's easier to take damage here from tail attacks so it's best to finish this part faster. 

Metroid Dread's Corpius

Metroid Dread Corpius Guide - Third Phase

PHASE THREE of the battle starts after Corpius turns visible and this time its tactics change some. Keep dodging and hitting Corpius with missiles and charged beams but take special note to slide underneath its belly when its head is raised. You can do a parry attack here if you hit the dodge button at the right time. It's worth trying, especially if you're bad at dodging and parrying; this boss battle is a good place to learn this important mechanic. 

Metroid Dread Corpius Guide - Fourth Phase

PHASE FOUR of the boss battle begins after the wall panels are destroyed by Corpius. You're almost finished now. Just keep being patient and lining up shots while dodging. When balls of acid are thrown toward you, run and jump up onto the blue panel on left/right wall. If you're fast, you can get some quick damage in but don't risk taking any damage yourself. Jump over Corpius once it closes in on you as well. The blue panels allow you to jump to the other side but make sure you wait Corpius is close to you. Don't wait too long though. Corpius can knock Samus to the ground, which will result in a lot of damage as she tries to escape to the other side of the monster. 

Keep attacking and dodging until you defeat Corpius. It may take a few tries but don't worry. Metroid is much more about the journey than the destination. Samus will earn the Phantom Cloak power-up for her suit when the battle is finished. Phantom Cloak allows Samus to turn invisible for a short time, which can help her evade enemies. It also allows her to access doors that shut tight when Samus gets too close. 

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