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Mario Strikers: Battle League Mario

Mario Strikers: Battle League seems to be simple at first, but looks can be deceiving. There is a lot going on in this latest Mario soccer game, such as customizable gear, special moves, and more. Here's a breakdown of everything you should know and do as you start the game. 

Don't go online straight away and get gear in Mario Strikers: Battle League

Bowser Mario Strikers: Battle League Gear

By the time you're reading this, online players are likely equipped with all the best gear for their characters, and you have no coins to spend to buff up your roster.

What we recommend first is to head into the training mode. It will teach you the basics of Mario Strikers: Battle League, and then at the end of the tutorials, you will be challenged with a Training Match. If you win against the team of four Yoshis, you'll gain 800 coins. You can utilize these coins in the "Gear Settings" menu. Pick your favorite characters and begin to customize their gear. 

Each character has their own unique stats that they bring to the soccer field.

Toad, for example, is speedy and can get to opponents quickly. However, he doesn't have much strength. What we recommend with him is to focus on speed, shooting, and passing. Each equipment piece will cost 100 coins each so be careful of your spending. On Toad, we have equipped the Cannon Visor, Turbo Gloves, Chain Plate, and Cannon Boots to accentuate Toad's positive aspects on the field.

For a character like Bowser that's more hard-hitting, we prioritized strength and shooting. In our build, he has the muscle helmet, cannon gloves, muscle chest, and cannon boots. He isn't speedy but Bowser can be a great defender whenever he's in the way. 

Once you've finished the Training Match, we'd then recommend going to the cups. On normal mode, each finished cup will give you 400 coins each, while a normal online match would only give you 20 coins by yourself. 

Use tackling and items to your advantage in Mario Strikers: Battle League

Mario Strikers: Battle League Tackling

Tackling with the Y button can be beneficial in defending and in some cases, attack formations. Mario Strikers: Battle League is more aggressive than the sport it's inspired by as when you tackle a character into a wall, they get electrified for a few seconds.This is a good way to open more space on the field for your strikers. To maximize your tackle, hold the Y button and you'll see an arrow appear below your character; now, let it go for a more devastating move towards your foes rather than a simple tap. 

That's not all for tackling, however. You can also tackle a fellow teammate, boosting them forward. If you communicate well with your team, you can utilize this technique to your advantage. The enemy team would definitely not see this coming and could lead to an unexpected goal.

In addition, you'll pick up items from "?" boxes, similar to how Mario Kart 8: Deluxe works. You can send bob-ombs, green shells, and red shells towards your foes and break up the defensive line.

Utilize alternate passing techniques in Mario Strikers: Battle League

There are two different ways to pass in Mario Strikers: Battle League. You can send a ground pass and a lob over to your fellow teammate.

Ground passes are more susceptible to interference from an opposing player, but they are a faster way to deliver the ball. However, lob passes are less likely to get interfered with while they are slower. Using both techniques will keep the other team on their toes.

Lob passes, however, can lead to great results especially if you time your button presses right. If you hit the Y button at just the right time, the ball will become electrified and if it's followed by a shot at goal, you're more likely to score. Try to use the space of the pitch from the top to the bottom to keep the goalkeeper guessing.

Make your team varied in Mario Strikers: Battle League

Mario Strikers Battle League Character Selection

For the best results, we recommend that you choose a team of characters that each has varied stats from the others. For example,

  • Peach is a faster character than Mario and can reach attackers quickly. She acts as a great defender in this case.
  • You may want a heavyweight like a Donkey Kong or a Bowser standing back too as they can deliver a powerful tackle towards your foes, especially if they're small like Toad. Mario and Luigi, meanwhile act as great strikers for your team, as they act as all-rounders, being decent with almost every stat but not terrific.
  • Mario and Luigi are flexible in any situation, defending or attacking.

The first two selections on the squad creation screen are for your strikers, while the last two will be defending, so keep that in mind.

A summary of the Starter Guide for Mario Strikers: Battle League

So, in summary, you'll want to do the following:

  • Play the single-player modes first like Training and the Cups to gain coins. With those coins, you can buy equipment that will improve your stats in the "Gear Settings" menu.
  • Tackle the enemy strategically, such as pushing them towards the electric wall.
  • Use a mix of lobs and standard passes to keep the opponent guessing
  • Make a varied team of a heavy, a fast runner, and two all-around strikers. 

That's it for our starter guide for Mario Strikers: Battle League. Check out more content, and guides, below:

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