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Mario Strikers: Battle League makes you earn new gear for your characters with a menagerie of coins that can be gained from finishing matches. As the online mode is so competitive, however, it can be tough to gain coins quickly as losing gives you next to nothing. Below, we give a few tips to improve the grind, in our Mario Strikers coin farming guide.

The worst way for Mario Strikers: Battle League coin farming

If you want to improve your Mario Strikers: Battle League coin farming, you should avoid the default offline Quick Battle mode. Winning matches against the CPU only nets you a measly 10 coins. However, if you play a game online and win, you can receive 20 coins by yourself. You can add ten more coins to that reward if you team up with someone online: either a friend or a complete stranger. Thankfully, there's no voice chat enabled in the game, so you won't hear any nasty chatter from your teammate if you're having a tough time. 

The best way for Mario Strikers: Battle League coin farming

Mario Strikers Battle League Cannon Cup

The quickest and best way for your Mario Strikers: Battle League coin farming adventure is to actually check out the Cup Battles mode. It acts as an offline campaign that can be played by up to four people. The goal is to get the trophy at the end of the tournament. Like a fighting game tournament at EVO, you have two chances to succeed within the Cup Battles mode. If you fail to win a match, you'll be put into a loser's bracket. From there, you can win your way back up to the finals. However, the other finalist only needs to win once while you have to win twice in a row against the opposing team. 

After finishing a Cup Battle, you'll be given a massive 400 coins as a reward. There are five cups in this mode, leaving you an accessible 2,000 coins on the board. That's enough for 20 armor pieces in Mario Strikers: Battle League. There's also the Championship Cup, which is unlocked after finishing all five cups on normal difficulty.

By finishing all of the cups on normal difficulty, you'll gain access to the Galaxy mode. In this setting, the cups are even harder and provide even stronger rewards. Rather than the 400 you gain from regular cups, you'll be rewarded with a massive 1,000 coins after completion. Once you've completed this feat at Galaxy mode, you'll gain yet another 1,000. The Galaxy mode will net you 7,000 coins in total. 

Once you've finished all the cups, the best way to conduct your Mario Strikers: Battle League coin farming is by squad'ing up with a friend. As we aforementioned, you'll gain an extra 10 coins with every win. Also, you're more likely to succeed as you'll have open discussions with them during gameplay rather than a silent online teammate.

Mario Strikers Battle League Team-Up Bonus

Joining a Strikers Club would also be sufficient as your number of coins from winning is gained by 10 more coins for a total of 30. Get a squad together with your friends and perform well in league matches to get the money rolling.  

Lastly, there is the Training Mode match that can be completed for 800 coins. If you decided to skip the tutorial, go to the main menu and select "Training," which is in smaller letters than "Gear Settings," which is above it. Get to the bottom of the list and press A on the "Training Match" to begin the process.

Mario Strikers Battle League Training Match Coins

Our tips for Mario Strikers: Battle League coin farming

So, to wrap up this guide and get back to the action, here's our tips for coin farming in Mario Strikers:

  • Finish all of the cups first in normal and galaxy difficulties
  • Join a Strikers Club
  • Finish the Training Mode
  • Get some friends in on this soccer (football) experience in your party and gain even more coins on your path to victory.

That's it for our coin farming guide for Mario Strikers. Check out more content, and guides, below:

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