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A Rogue standing against a giant monster

If you've been playing Loop Hero, chances are you're getting sick of the generic hero you start the game with. Luckily, the game has additional playable classes, each of them with their own special abilities as well as their own problems. This guide is all about getting the most out of the ruthless cutthroat, that deadly blade in the night known as the Rogue.

Building the Refuge in Base Camp
That is exactly what this base camp needs, a refuge for thieves.

Loop Hero Rogue Guide – Unlocking the Rogue


Much like the Necromancer, unlocking the Rogue is as simple as building something at your base camp. In this case, you want to build the Refuge. Chances are you'll have the materials to build this after five or so runs if you're careful. If not, just remember to end your run early rather than die. It will save you a lot of time. If you need more


A rogue with starting gear fighting slimes
Wait, stop! I still need to get better knives to stab you!

Loop Hero Rogue Guide – Rogue Basics


The Rogue might just be the most infuriating class to play in Loop Hero. They can dual wield melee weapons, and have a higher chance of doing critical hits. On the other hand, they have no real defenses; their armor relies more on evasion or counterattacking than anything else. Furthermore, they don't get any dedicated magic items. Do not expect health regeneration or vampirism in the early game. The trade-offs are quite obvious. No magic, but you can stack up on the abilities and perks of two different weapons for larger damage pay-outs. Even better, they get unique weapons dedicated to increasing not just critical hit damage but the chance for a critical hit.

This makes the Rogue a textbook case of high risk/reward. They have the potential to do high damage quickly, ending fights within seconds. But at the same time all it takes is one or two lucky hits to put them down. If you're the kind of player who likes multiple options for defense that relies on more than just a dice roll, the Rogue is going to make you scream bloody murder. Alternatively if you love high DPS roles in RPGs and just want to shred everything before they have a chance to cough, this is the class for you.

Bear in mind this quick style also applies to how long your runs will go. Since the Warrior and Necromancer can be built with longevity in mind, loops can climb up to north of twenty and can still be chugging along. Meanwhile, the Rogue can be flirting with death nonstop and close to a boss fight by loop number twelve. Be prepared to either die or retire quickly.

As far as deckbuilding goes, I have some recommendations. If you put the effort in to get the Intel Center built, add the Desert and Dune cards immediately. Anything that drops down your enemy's max HP is a godsend with this class. As for areas of interest, the Swamp has the potential for good pay outs. Since the Rogue doesn't heavily rely on health regeneration, the Swamp's healing penalty isn't too big of a factor. Furthermore, the mosquitos should die quickly to some well-placed rogue swipes before their poison affects you. If you're feeling lucky or just really want to lean in to evasion, the Storm Temple card might be your speed as well. Finally, Road Lanterns to help cut down on horde encounters and the Beacon card to help further increase your movement and attack speed in battles.

Loop Hero Rogue
I honestly didn't expect to just kill this monster in one hit. Enjoy the pixelated cards as they fly into my hand.

Loop Hero Rogue Guide – Rogue's Loot System


Complicating this highly specialized role, the Rogue handles loot completely differently as well. While other classes in the game just get items regularly, the Rogue has a single bag where they collect trophies. The bag fills up as you beat monsters throughout your loop, and you “cash in” these trophies for brand new gear when you make it back to base camp. In short, you have to survive to the end of your loop before you can even improve your gear. In addition, all loot you have in your inventory is discarded when these trophies are cashed in. You either use it or lose it.

In this regard, playing a Rogue is Loop Hero's hardcore mode for adventuring builds. Once you get your items, you're stuck with them until you die or get back to base. This means that any change up from a planned build, dropping high attack speed and crit damage to maybe get some extra evasion for example, could have a devastating snowball effect.

There are a few ways to work around this system. For example, getting loot from a Treasury dumps the rewards directly into your inventory, no middleman required. If you are attacked by bandits, there's a lower chance they'll steal something precious in your inventory, most likely because you already have the best stuff equipped and the rest is just so much chicanery. If you're desperate enough to roll the dice in these areas for some extra points or percentages, keep these in mind.

Loop Hero Rogue
This run had me go five whole minutes without getting hit at all. It was glorious.

And that is our guide on getting the most out of the sneaky Rogue in Loop Hero. If you need more advice about the basics or want more info on other classes in the game, check out our beginners guide.



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