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Little Witch in the Woods is a charming game, perfect for your next cozy game session. In it, you take control of a young witch named Ellie as she tries to breathe life back into an old town. You will need to get a handle on your potion-making to keep things moving along, but for the most part, you can find your way through this charming game rather easily. Here's our Little Witch in the Woods Starter Guide!

Stepping off the Train

Upon stepping off the train, your journey begins. Due to a sudden stop, you will get off the train and begin to explore the world around you, where you will be introduced to many elements in the game. Eventually, you will end up at your house, which will be your home base throughout the events of the game.

After you go to sleep, the real fun begins as you will be able to start growing your town and doing quests for the residents. From here, a large amount of your time will be spent gathering ingredients and making potions. Of course, to make new potions you will need to learn recipes and set out to find new ingredients. 

Some recipes will be easy to find, while others will take a bit more work. There is a shop run by Diane where you can buy new recipes from, as well as chalk.

Little Witch in The Woods Tips for your First Play Through

During your first playthrough, things can feel a bit overwhelming, to overcome this, we have prepared some helpful starter tips below.

  • Try to gather several items at once instead of just getting what you need and heading back home. This will save you walking in the future.
  • You can find Witch Chalk, don’t spend your hard-earned money buying it from Diane.
  • Remember that you have to be in bed by midnight.
  • Sneak around the creatures that you are trying to catch for an easier time picking them up.
  • For the most part, this game is pretty easy. You won’t find yourself running around for hours looking for a single ingredient. Just make sure to keep notes on what you have and haven’t harvested and what you need to make your next potion.

Keep in mind that you can also interact with townsfolk, go fishing, and hang out with friendly cats. While the story is certainly a key factor in Little Witch in the Woods, it’s not all that the game has to offer.

Using your broom in Little Witch in the Woods.

How to earn Gold Coins and Luna Coins

There are two different currencies in Little Witch in the Woods. The first is gold coins, which you are going to use to barter with normal humans. Luna Coins are going to be used when you are shopping with Diane for items or new potion recipes. Here is how to earn each type of currency in the game,

  • Gold Coins: You can earn gold coins by completing quests for Aurea.
  • Luna Coins: These are made by selling items to Diane and doing quests for her.

You will find that building up money isn’t hard once you get a handle on how to make the games different potions.

Why Can’t I Progress Further in the Story?
Sooner or later, you're going to hit a wall when playing the game. This is because Little Witch in the Woods is an early access game, and the other chapters will be released later. Currently, only the game’s prologue and first chapter are included.

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