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Any good zoo needs visitors! No, literally, your zoo can close if you don't have visitors. That's also how it works in the real world. So how do you get and keep visitors in Let's Build A Zoo? Let's take a walk around the pens and see how to attract visitors in Let's Build a Zoo!

Make Sure You Have Variety In Let's Build a Zoo

Diversity is the biggest factor. If you just have 83 white rabbits that's not exactly going to win you any prizes. Have a variety of animals in a variety of habitats and your visitors will stay entertained and increase your zoo's reputation. Make sure to check the world map every day to see what new animals you can rescue from Florida or if any new trades have popped up at other zoos around the world.

You can also increase your zoo's diversity by making use of the breeding program. Animals of the same species and opposite gender in an enclosure ie. a boy bunny and a girl bunny, can occasionally breed on their own. However, if you build a Nursery you can choose specific animals to mate in order to acquire new breed variations, which visitors also love. Once you unlock all the variations of a species, for example, all geese, you can then use geese in the genetic splicing CRISPR. Splicing, naturally, is a huge visitor attraction and a boost to the zoo reputation. For more on breeding and splicing, check out our guide here.

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Provide Amenities for Visitors in Let's Build a Zoo

Decorations also attract and keep visitors happy. People like to see pretty things, so keep your zoo looking nice and keep your decoration rating high. While I wouldn't recommend putting money into this instead of, say, feeding your animals, it's important to maintain a healthy balance. Decorations aren't just for aesthetics in the game, and the more you unlock via research increases their efficiency and your decoration score too.

In the same vein as aesthetics is the cleanliness of your park. Would you want to go to a zoo covered in garbage? Well neither do your virtual visitors. Make sure all areas of the park are covered by trash cans by checking the map tab in the top right corner of the screen. Don't forget you still need to hire a janitor or more than one, to keep things tidy. Visitors can also mosey to areas of the park that you're still working on even if you don't want them there, so we recommend having trash cans as one of the basic necessities you put in new areas right away.

Visitors, like your animals, also need their own needs met. In addition to food and drink places, visitors need benches, bathrooms and shelter, all the basics. Additional upgrades for these can be unlocked via the research station, along with all of your animal upgrades. Visitors will occasionally offer feedback as they walk around the park, which is important to take into consideration. If you see all your benches are full when you check them, consider building more. And definitely build enough bathrooms - trust us on this.

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Take Care of Your Staff in Let's Build a Zoo

The better you pay your staff, the better your visitor experience will be. Try playing around with the sliders on pay and you can see how things like staff efficiency and politeness are affected, as well as job satisfaction. The better employees do their jobs, the more visitors are happy. This extends to all staff, from the food workers to the janitors, everything has an effect.

Make sure you also have enough transportation to your zoo, be it subways or buses. If people cannot get to your zoo, it doesn't matter that you have the nicest chrysanthemums and best capybaras around, only a few people are going to see them. Luckily there's a lot of bus upgrades available almost at the start and subways are a research node that can be unlocked early on. Upgrading the bus system and purchasing more is also one of the early tasks in the game and rewards you $1000 on buying a $2000 bus, lessening the first time cost.

By following these tips you can keep visitor satisfaction high in Let's Build a Zoo, which in turn increases your reputation and attracts even more visitors to your zoo! For more help on Let's Build a Zoo, check out our other guides below.

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