Len's Island Voidboar Boss Fight Guide

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In this Len's Island Voidboar Boss Fight Guide, we'll tell you how to find the boss of The Ancient Caves and how to beat it.

Len's Island Voidboar Boss Fight Guide - Where to Find the Voidboar

You can find the Voidboar in Len's Island by heading down into The Ancient Caves, but it's not going to be an easy journey. After you've gotten the basics of the game down, you're going to want to equip yourself with some better weapons -- there are some challenging enemies to fight in The Ancient Caves. Make sure to bring some food with you, too.

Next, you'll have to work your way through the entire The Ancient Caves zone. There are five runestones that you'll have to unlock with Light Stones scattered throughout the area. It's highly unlikely that you'll get all of them in one go; even if you do, it may be wise to retreat to the surface and resupply. (Fortunately, you can unlock a sort of checkpoint in The Forgotten City that will allow you to easily bypass the early sections of The Ancient Caves.)

Once you've unlocked all five runestones, you'll be able to work your way towards the end of The Ancient Caves where you'll find a gate with five glowing symbols; if one of the symbols is not lit, you still need to find one of the runestones. If all five are lit up, you can open up the gate -- once inside, you'll soon find yourself facing the Voidboar Boss.

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How to Beat the Voidboar Boss in Len's Island

The Len's Island Voidboar boss fight can be difficult if you're not well-prepared. Aside from ensuring that you have a shield and a solid weapon, you're also going to want to make sure you have enough food to recover your health. If you think you're ready, dive in and begin.

Voidboar Boss Fight First Phase 

The first phase of the boss fight will last until you get the Voidboar's health down to about 70%. In this early stage, the Voidboar will simply charge at you or swipe at you with its claws.

By now, you've surely done a fair amount of dodge-rolling while you've been swarmed with enemies along the way. Dodging skills are critical; it's unlikely that you'd be able to tank all of the incoming damage without any problems. You don't want to make a habit of tanking the damage, either -- the second phase is must worse.

Voidboar Boss Fight Second Phase

The Voidboar Bossfight Second Phase is where the difficulty really ramps up. The melee attacks have been lightened in favor of two electrically-charged attacks:

  • Lightning Nova - The Voidboar stomps one of its claws and causes a circle of energy to expand outwards.
  • Lightning Breath - The Voidboar opens its mouth and shoots a cone of lightning at you.

The Lightning Nova is fairly easy to dodge (and only does 10 or so damage if you have a solid shield equipped (such as the Golden Norse Shield). This attack can be spammed multiple times, but it can also be dodged simply by jumping over the blast.

The Lightning Breath attack, however, is much more deadly. You'll find your health bar dropping dangerously fast should you try to tank it -- always avoid it as soon as you see the Voidboar winding up for the attack. Fortunately, this attack also happens to be a prime opportunity to whack the Voidboar in the butt.

You'll be able to beat the Len's Island Voidboar boss as long as you manage to dodge the deadliest attacks and focus on getting 1-3 melee hits at a time before running or dodge-rolling out of the way. Keep up a good pace (and occasionally put more food on your Hotbar) and you'll be able to whittle down its health without too much effort.

Len's Island Voidboar Boss Fight Guide - Forged Pickaxe

Defeating the Voidboar is not without its rewards, either -- you'll get the Forged Pickaxe, an item that is arguably one of the best tools in the game. Take your spoils, head up north, and exit The Ancient Caves via the Sun Alter.


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