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Len's Island Forgotten Island Map - cover

Our Len's Island Forgotten Island Map Guide will show you all of the interesting points on the starting island in the game such as the town, the first dungeon, a free sword, and more. Check out the Len's Island Map and associated key areas below!

Where is the Len's Island Map?

If you're looking for the Len's Island map, there's a bit of bad news -- the Early Access version of the game has launched without a map or minimap at all.

The island you start on is called "The Forgotten Island," but you won't discover the name until you've repaired the bridge to Bridgewater. We've gone and created this Len's Island Forgotten Island Map that will point you towards the most interesting points on the map.

Len's Island Map Full
Not to scale. Also not particularly good art, but hey, it works.

Len's Island Map Points of Interest - Forgotten Island

There is a lot of open space on the Len's Island Forgotten Island map -- plenty of space for you to build a nice home (and with room for Crafting stations and a Farm, to boot.) Each of the following numbers highlights a point of interest on the map.

1 - Abandoned Cottage

There is an abandoned cottage at the northernmost point of the map. To get there, you'll have to repair two wooden bridges. You can find some Salvaged Metal in barrels -- but more importantly, you can dismantle the house and get some Iron Shards and other Crafting materials.

Len's Island Forgotten Island Map - Bridgewater Bridge

2 - Broken Bridge to Bridgewater

North of your starting raft (4) is a broken bridge. This can be repaired for the cost of 80 Stone and 40 Limestone.

It's a very good idea to collect Stone (from grey rocks on the island) and Limestone (from white rocks on the coasts and in water) and rebuild this bridge as soon as possible -- this gives you access to the town of Bridgewater where you can buy crops along with Weapons, Tools, and Backpack upgrades.

3 - Run-Down House and Lantern

West of the starting raft (4) is a run-down shack. You can choose to build here or you can dismantle it entirely; there is also a nearby lantern that can provide some light at night.

4. Raft and Spawn Point

This is where you'll start the game. The raft also has a bedroll that allows you to sleep at night or save the game.

5 - Clay Island

East-southeast of your starting raft (4) is a sandy island with a handful of enemies and several Clay deposits.

6 - Abandoned Fishing Shack

The southeastern part of the island has a dilapidated shack with the following description:

Abandoned Fishing Shack

Once the perfect residence for an experienced fisher. Hasn't been lived in for many years, with some love and care this shack could be home to a fishing friend one day.

Unfortunately, it doesn't appear to serve any function in the Early Access launch version of Len's Island.

7- Abandoned Lumber Cottage

South of the main road is an Abandoned Lumber Cottage; clicking on it will reveal the following description:

Abandoned Lumber Cottage

A small cottage fit for a lumberjack wishing to live off the land. Has been abandoned for many years, this shack could be home to a wood cutting friend one day.

Unfortunately, the Abandoned Lumber Cottage doesn't appear to serve any function in the Early Access launch version of Len's Island, either.

Len's Island Forgotten Island Map - The Ancient Caves

8 - The Ancient Caves

The Ancient Caves are the first cave (and dungeon) that you'll experience in Len's Island. Arguably, this is one of the most important locations on the whole map -- it serves as a source of Stone, Coal, Iron Shards, Dark Essence, Light Stones, and more.

9 - Runestones

West of The Ancient Caves is a series of standing stones. You can find matching stones underground, charge them up with a Light Stone, and immediately teleport back to the surface.

10 - Broken Southern Bridge

This bridge cannot be repaired and leads to an island that cannot be accessed in the Early Access launch version of Len's Island.

11 - Inaccessible Island

This island is currently inaccessible in the Early Access launch version of Len's Island.

12- Forgotten City Entrance

This cave is inaccessible when you start the game. As you explore The Ancient Caves, you'll eventually encounter The Forgotten City; once down there, you can repair an elevator that will open up this entrance and give you a shortcut to a deeper point in the dungeon.

13 - The Lonely Island

The Lonely Island can be a little difficult to find, but it's worthwhile. In addition to a bit of loot, you can also find a sword called "Marlin" -- one of the many weapons in Len's Island and an easily-accessible upgrade for your combat capabilities.

14 -  Pirate's Island

This island has some structures you can dismantle and some loot, but it otherwise doesn't serve any purpose just yet in the Early Access launch version of Len's Island.

15- The Sand Altar

The Sand Altar has a fair amount of Salvaged Metal. It also happens to have some pretty tough enemies that you don't want to fight until you have a fair amount of experience with combat. There is also a glowing altar whose purpose we haven't yet discovered.

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