Len's Island Farming Guide

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Len's Island Farming Guide

November 26, 2021

By: Robert N. Adams


In this Len's Island Farming Guide, I'll tell you everything you need to know to grow food and make money in this dungeon crawling and building game from Flow Studio.

How To Get Started with Len's Island Farming

Farming in Len's Island is fairly straightforward at first glance. First, you're going to need to build a home and gather some materials; refer to our Beginner's Guide if you're just getting started out.

Next, you'll need to build a Work Bench -- you don't have everything you need to start farming by default. Make sure you've unlocked the first Watering Can, the Farm, and the Well. Then, you'll need to follow this short and simple process:

  1. Build one or more Farms.
  2. Build a Well nearby.
  3. Plant whatever food you'd like on the Farms.
  4. Equip your Watering Can, fill it up at the Well, and water all of your Farms.
  5. Continue to water your Farms as necessary until the harvest is ready.
  6. Once the crops are grown, harvest them and repeat.

How to Get More Crops in Len's Island

You'll likely start off with Blue Berries (although it's possible that you may have acquired Grapes or other food items as loot in The Ancient Caves or elsewhere). However, you can easily purchase more crops at the Farmer's Market in Bridgewater once you've repaired the bridge to town.


A Note on the Lattice

The majority of crops are grown on a Farm, but two crops -- specifically Passionfruit and Grapes -- are planted on the Lattice. The Lattice can be unlocked fairly early in the game, but it isn't really worth the hassle in my opinion -- especially because of the crazy amounts of automation you can do with other crops.

Len's Island Farming Guide - Automation

How to Automate Farming in Len's Island

Len's Island Farming can be automated in two different ways: easier watering and automatic watering. (Unfortunately, you'll still have to plant and harvest your crops by hand.)

How the Water Tower works in Len's Island

Let's start with the Water Tower. If you try to build a Water Tower next to a Farm, you'll notice a blue line. These blue lines show which Farms are in range of the Water Tower. Ideally, you want to cover all of your Farms with as few Water Towers as possible.

Keep in mind that you'll also have to build the Water Tower next to a Well. If one isn't nearby, you could always dismantle an existing Well or build a new one; after all, Wells are pretty cheap and you can more easily build an extra Well somewhere than you could build another Water Tower.

The Water Tower will automatically water your Farms as long as it has Water in it. Unfortunately, you'll have to manually fill the Water Tower by using one of the three Watering Cans in the game -- at least until you


How to Unlock the Len's Island Water Tower

You can unlock the Len's Island Water Tower by upgrading your Work Bench to Level 2.

The Len's Island Windmill Makes Farming Easy

The Windmill should be your next goal. Aside from allowing you to turn Wheat into Flour, it can power a connected Well and Water tower to ensure an infinite supply of Water to your Farms. If you set it up right, you'll never have to water your crops by hand again -- and that's the next part of this Len's Island Farming Guide.

How to Unlock the Len's Island Windmill

You can unlock the Len's Island Windmill by upgrading your Work Bench to Level 3.

Len's Island Farming Guide - plan


How to Maximize Farming Production

Next up in our Len's Island Farming Guide is some tips on how to maximize production. Farming is a necessary source of food (and often a good source of money), but what's the best way to go about it?

Refer to the above schematic -- a group of connected farms in a 9x12 grid will provide a total of 954 individual spaces for crops. Water Towers should go in the blue squares; simply place a Foundation in that spot instead of a Farm and place the Water Tower on top. As for the yellow spaces, that's where you're going to have to put a Well and a Windmill.

This design makes the most use out of the Water Towers in an organized space; note that you could probably squeeze in a few more Farms on the outside or expand the design with additional Water Towers, Wells, and Windmills. However, I've found this exact setup to serve as a good balance for supplying you with food and Coins -- especially if you select the right crop to plant.

An Important Note on Large Scale Farming

With the above design, you can easily pull in thousands of a crop each harvest depending on the type. Do keep in mind, however, that you have an inventory limit depending on which Backpack you're using -- if you pick up an item and you're maxed out, it will simply be destroyed. Make sure to sell some of your crops in town when you get near the maximum amount before you continue harvesting!

Len's Island Farming Guide - Best Crop

What is the Best Crop in Len's Island?

If there's any one thing you take away from our Len's Island Farming Guide, make it this: the best crop in Len's Island is the Pumpkin.

Firstly, the Pumpkin is an excellent source of food; it fills up somewhere around 40% of your hunger bar. Secondly, they sell for 1 Coin apiece; you can make well over 1,000 Coins with each harvest if you use the automated setup described in the previous section.

Finally, Pumpkins are the most valuable crop that can also be picked up by the Scythe; while Watermelons can be hit with the Scythe, some of the models appear to get missed by it no matter what you do and you're going to have to harvest them manually. Pumpkins are a great choice whether you're looking to keep up your hunger meter, restore health, or make money.

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