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In this Len's Island Crafting Guide, I'll tell you what you need to know to unlock new weapons, new tools, new furniture, and how to easily get Iron Shards.

How Len's Island Crafting Works

Len's Island Crafting is similar to most other games -- you'll gather some resources and use them to make buildings, weapons, and tools with those resources. However, it has some key differences.

To start, there is no crafting in hand -- everything is crafted at the Work Bench or other stations. you'll have to "craft" some items when you buy things from merchants in town; you're not going to outright buy everything with Coins alone.

As for your Weapons and Tools, you don't craft specific items insomuch as you "unlock" access to the items. You can never lose them, but you'll only be able to equip them at a Toolbox, Weapon Rack, or your Work Bench.

Finally, you'll be able to repair some items in the world such as bridges and ladders. These, too, will require resources; make sure to always carry some Wood, Fibers, Stone, and Limestone with you when you're exploring the world just in case you need it.

Len's Island Crafting Guide - Refinery

What You Need to Craft in Len's Island

While you can do some crafting at the merchants in town, you'll be taking care of most of your crafting at a structure you've built somewhere. There are a total of four structures needed for crafting:

Work Bench

The Work Bench is probably the most important thing you'll build for Len's Island crafting. It allows you to unlock new Weapons and Tools, new building pieces, new furniture, and new items for Farming.


The sole purpose of the Fireplace is to turn Flour into Bread.

  • 5 Flour > 1 Bread

Refinery - How to Get Iron Shards in Len's Island

The Refinery user Wood or Coal to refine certain resources into other resources: Surprisingly, this is one of the most reliable and consistent way to get Iron Shards aside from mining in The Ancient Caves.

  • 10 Stone > 3 Iron Shards
  • 10 Limestone > 5 Glass
  • 10 Clay > 1 Sapphire


The  Windmill can convert Wheat into Flour. However, it serves a second purpose -- it can also be used to automate Farming in conjunction with a Well and a Water Tower. Unfortunately, you won't unlock it until you upgrade your Work Bench to Level 3.

  • 5 Wheat > 8-9 Flour

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