The Last Oricru Citadel Vault Guide - Symbol Locations

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An Image of the Citadel Vault You Have To Unlock in The Last Oricru

If you've been playing The Last Oricru, chances are you've already unlocked the City Vault and claimed the riches within. As you continue through the game, you'll come to the Citadel, which is a castle with a number of enemies and winding staircases throughout. Towards the start, right off of the main path as you head down the first hallway, you'll find a vault room with two enemies in it. This is the Citadel Vault, and you'll need to unlock it!

How To Unlock The Vault - Citadel Puzzle

There are 9 Symbols on The Last Oricru Citadel Vault that you'll have to narrow down to just 3. If you want to avoid guesswork, those 3 are placed around the tower, and you can find the location of each below. Once you find all three, simply head back to the vault and input them in the correct order, which will take a few tries to find the right combination. Once you have, the vault will unlock and you can get the sweet rewards locked beneath.

Arrow Pointing To The Door Of Where You Need To Go For The Last Oricru Citadel Vault Puzzle

Citadel Vault Unlock - First Symbol

The first symbol can be found in a room that's actually well hidden. On the opposite side of the Citadel Vault Room, there's a small red door. This leads down to the Citadel Terminal as well as a room with the full loadout of Knight Armor, some chests, and the first symbol needed to unlock the vault.

Arrow Pointing To The Location of The Last Oricru Citadel Vault Puzzle Symbol Number 2

Citadel Vault Unlock - Second Symbol

The second symbol is right along your path. As you progress upwards, you'll have to make your way up a spiral staircase. The first one you come across will have a landing about halfway up, on the same level as an elevator. Right on the landing to the left, you'll find the second symbol. To the right is the elevator.

The Location Where You Can Find The Second Symbol For The Puzzle In Last Oricru Citadel

Citadel Vault Unlock - Third Symbol

The final symbol is near-impossible to miss. As you're almost to the top of the tower, you'll hit a landing and the symbol will be right in front of you!

The Last Oricru Citadel Puzzle Rewards

The Last Oricru Citadel puzzle is 100% worth your time, as you're going to get some excellent rewards. While we recommend you wait until you complete the citadel and enemies respawn, once unlocked, you'll find three chests below, containing:

  • Ring of Champion + 3
  • Titanium (Large)
  • Elite Plate Gloves
  • Elite Plate Boots
  • Fragment of Legendary Hammer
  • Restoration Vial

That's it for our The Last Oricru Citadel Vault Unlock guide!


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