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Our Ixion Probe Guide will tell you how Probes work, how to read the Probe Scanner, and how you can use Probes to find the resources you need!

How Probes Work in Ixion

The Ixion Probe is one of the most important tools in the Tiqqun's arsenal. It allows you to find Asteroids and Points of Interest. Asteroids are where you will find the bulk of your resources such as Iron and Ice, and Points of Interest are usually where you'll find Science and the objectives you'll need to complete to progress the story.

Launching a Probe will bring up a graph that shows you how close the Probe is to Asteroids or Points of Interest:

Ixion Probe Guide - Probe Scanner Graph

These icons are, from left to right:

  • Fe - Raw Iron. Needed to make Alloy at a Steel Mill. Iron is critical for maintaining your Hull Integrity.
  • C - Carbon. Carbon is used to make Polymer.
  • Si - Silicon. Silicon is required for making Electronics.
  • H - Hydrogen. This later-game resource is used to make Power at a Nuclear Power Plant.
  • Teal Diamond - Ice. Ice is needed to make Water, which you'll need for Crop Farms.
  • Blue Diamond - Points of Interest. These are planets, asteroids, space stations, or other stellar objects that you can investigate with a Science Ship.
  • Yellow Diamond with Exclamation Mark - Objectives. These are locations that you will need to visit in order to advance the Chapter objective.

In addition, most columns have two icons below them. The drill icon shows how much of that resource is currently available for Mining Ships to mine on the map. The boxes icon below it shows how much of that resource is available to collect by Cargo Ships. The Point of Interest icon instead shows how much Science is available to collect on the map with a Science Ship (the lab flask icon) and how many Cryonic Pods are available to collect (the dark blue diamond icon).

It should be noted that not all locations will be visible from the beginning of the Chapter. For example, Chapter 2 has you searching for a missing ship called the Protagoras. Even if you know the ship's location in advance, you won't be able to scan it with a Probe until you've completed the previous objective of finding 3 clues about the Protagoras.

It's a good idea to regularly scan for Asteroids and Points of Interest throughout the Chapter. This ensures that your Mining Ships will have access to raw resources, and it will allow you to plan out your moves in advance.

Each Probe Launcher has a storage capacity of 1 Probe. You can (and should) set the Probe Launcher to automatically build new Probes after a Probe has been launched. Probes can be upgraded with faster speed, larger scan radius, and lower construction costs via the Tech Tree.

How Many Probe Launchers Should You Build in Ixion?

You should only Build one Probe Launcher in Ixion, at least at the beginning of the game. The first two Chapters only have between 10-15 Points of Interest, so one Probe Launcher should be enough to get to all of those with time left over. If you decide you need more anyway, you can easily Build a new Probe launcher in another Sector.

What Should You Scan First with a Probe in Ixion?

You should use your first Ixion Probe to scan a source of Iron (Fe) so you can immediately secure Alloy for ongoing Hull Integrity repairs. After that, you should prioritize Ice so you can make Water for your Crop Farms. You should then follow that with whatever other resources you need (such as Silicon or Carbon) and then whatever objectives are on the map.

Ixion Probe Guide - How to Use a Probe
The Probe interface will indicate when you're near a resource when the lines on that resource go up. Move the cursor closer until the lines get bigger. If the lines are all green, you've found an Asteroid or Point of Interest. Multiple green lines mean that you'll find multiple Asteroids and/or Points of Interest with the same Probe.

How to Use an Ixion Probe

Here's how to use an Ixion Probe.

  1. Build a Probe Launcher and build a Probe. (You can set Probes to automatically rebuild.
  2. Go to the Planetary System Map (F3).
  3. Click on "Probes" to open up the Probe Interface.
  4. Move the cursor to aim where the Probe will launch. Look at the Probe Scanner graph on the right -- you won't find anything unless one of the bars is green. Larger bars indicate a higher amount of resources.
    • Pay attention to the route a Probe is taking -- if it flies through Space Weather, the Probe may be destroyed! In these cases, you may have to move the Tiqqun in order to successfully launch a Probe to your destination.
  5. When you're certain that you want to launch a Probe (and the Probe will survive the trip unscathed), launch the Probe. It will take a few Cycles to arrive at its destination.
  6. The Probe will arrive at its destination and reveal Points of Interest and/or Asteroids on the map for you to exploit.

That's the end of our Ixion Probe Guide. If you've found it helpful, make sure to check out our other guides below!

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