Immortals Fenyx Rising Clashing Rocks Ambrosia Locations Guide

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Immortals Fenyx Rising Clashing Rocks Ambrosia

Ambrosia in Immortals Fenyx Rising is the food of the gods. To Fenyx, it tastes like a combination of summer and their first kiss rolled into one. But it doesn't just taste great—it's used to upgrade Fenyx's health bar, too! Make sure to take time to collect Ambrosia as you journey around the Golden Isles to help Fenyx take down enemies, including legendary monsters.

The Clashing Rocks is the first area of the Isles which Fenyx will visit. Collecting all the Ambrosia in this area will give Fenyx a huge boost as they move on to other parts of the islands.

Here are all the Ambrosia locations in the Clashing Rocks.

Clashing Rocks Ambrosia #1

Ambrosia 1

Located on top of the statue of Hermes, Messenger of the Gods. This Ambrosia sits atop the arm holding Hermes' staff. Fenyx will naturally encounter this Ambrosia while completing the main quest "A Stranger Shore."

While you're up here, don't forget to use Fenyx's Far Sight to scan and mark the locations of other Ambrosia on your map!

Clashing Rocks Ambrosia #2

Ambrosia 2

In the westernmost part of Clashing Rocks lie a group of tall stone columns sticking out of the water. Atop the northernmost of these columns is an Ambrosia which you can collect. However, the column is extremely sheer and does not have many resting spots. It is recommended that you upgrade your Stamina or bring lots of Blue Mushrooms with you before attempting this climb.

Clashing Rocks Ambrosia #3


Just to the south of the Big Lyre lies a small, bubbling pool. Dive into the center of the pool to claim this Ambrosia.

Clashing Rocks Ambrosia #4

Ambrosia 4

Like the previous one, this Ambrosia is located underwater. To the south of the Broken Bridge, among the cluster of rocks and small islands, is a shipwreck which has been split in half. Dive into the water between the two halves of the wreck to find this Ambrosia located on the ocean floor.

Clashing Rocks Ambrosia #5


Once again, start from the Broken Bridge. This time, travel north to a small cliff which can be climbed. On top of this cliff you can find the Ambrosia, but be careful: It is guarded by two Boar enemies which will attack you if you try to claim it. Either defeat or avoid them to make this Ambrosia yours.

Clashing Rocks Ambrosia #6


Near the center of the largest island is an abandoned athletic track where Fenyx can complete a Navigation Challenge. Just to the southeast, overlooking the athletic track, is a cliff with an Ambrosia located on top of it. Like the previous Ambrosia, this one is guarded by enemies, in this case birds. Defeat or avoid them to claim the Ambrosia, and don't forget to grab the healing Pomegranates located nearby if your health needs a top up.

Clashing Rocks Ambrosia #7


On a mountain north of the athletics track and just past the Broken Bridge is a cluster of abandoned buildings, including what was once a granary tower. Climb up this tower and look inside the very top to find this Ambrosia.

Clashing Rocks Ambrosia #8


The final Ambrosia in this area is located in a temple in the northern part of Clashing Rocks—the same temple which is home to one of the area's Small Lyres. Around the edges of the temple is a narrow colonnade. Climb on top of this colonnade and walk around the edge until you find and claim the Ambrosia.

That's all the Ambrosia in the Clashing Rocks area of Immortals Fenyx Rising! Hopefully this will help you increase Fenyx's health as you start out on your epic journey to defeat Typhon and save the gods.

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