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Immortals Fenyx Rising Achievement List

Published: December 2, 2020 1:51 PM



Immortals Fenyx Rising allows you to create your own hero's journey as you tame mounts, collect weapons and armor, and fly through the sky as you explore the Golden Isles. The game features 50 achievements which represent heroic feats that Fenyx can complete during their odyssey.

This list will help you keep track of and obtain all of the achievements and trophies in Immortals Fenyx Rising, including secret achievements.


Immortals Fenyx Rising Exploration
Fully explore the Golden Isles

Immortals Fenyx Rising - Exploration Achievements

Photobomb - Take a photo

Beauty's in the Eye - Change your appearance in the Hall of the Gods


Logs and Monsters - Chop down 100 large trees

Tippy-Top - Reach the highest point on the island


The Floor is Lava - Glide a total of 1000 meters in one go

Shard Miner - Destroy 10 Shards Clusters

Moonlight Treasure - Open a Night Chest

Among the Stars - Solve a Constellation Myth Challenge


Bird's-Eye View - Unfog the whole map

One Chore Down - Complete a task from Hermes' Heroic Task Board in the Hall of the Gods

More Than Twelve Labours - Complete all 36 tasks from Hermes' Heroic Task Board in the Hall of the Gods

Immortals Fenyx Rising Upgrade
Upgrade your skills and powers to the max

Immortals Fenyx Rising - Upgrade Achievements

Last Hero Standing - Achieve Hero status


Toil and Trouble - Craft your first Potion

Potion Professional - Fully upgrade the Potions Tree

Not Too Close to the Sun - Equip a new pair of Wings

Wing Nut - Acquire all Wings

Ornithology - Acquire all Phoenix Skins

Fully Charged - Fully upgrade your stamina

To Good Health - Fully upgrade your Health

Weapon Master - Fully upgrade one weapon to its final tier

Show Your Moves - Fully upgrade the Skills Tree

Powered Up - Fully upgrade the Godly Powers Tree

Armed and Dangerous - Fully upgrade everything at the Forge of Hephaistos

Fenyx the Horseman - Tame all mounts

Oceancookie - Tame an Epic Mount

Servant to the Gods - Complete all of the gods' side questlines

Immortals Fenyx Rising Combat
Collect legendary weapons and defeat monsters and enemies from Greek mythology

Immortals Fenyx Rising - Combat Achievements

Toot or Boot? - Equip a matching Helmet and Armor

Join the Creed - Perform 10 Stealth attacks

It's a Bird! - Perform a 25-hit combo while in the air

C-C-C-Combo - Reach the final Combo stage

Projectile Pro - Defeat a flying enemy with any thrown object

Your Own Medicine - Defeat an enemy with their own projectile

Hades' New Neighbor - Complete 25 Vaults of Tartaros

Look, No Hands! - Defeat 10 enemies using traps inside the Vaults of Tartaros

Immortals Fenyx Rising Secret Achievements
Learn the secrets of the gods themselves!

Immortals Fenyx Rising - Secret Achievements (May contain SPOILERS!)

Big Chicken - Meet Ares

The Giving Tree - Meet Aphrodite

Sassy, Lost Child - Meet Athena

Don't Shoot the Messenger - Meet Hermes

The Iron Giant - Meet Hephaistos

From the Ashes - Find Phosphor

God of War - Complete Ares' Questline

Goddess of Love - Complete Aphrodite's Questline

Goddess of Wisdom - Complete Athena's Questline

Messenger of the Gods - Complete Hermes' Questline

God of the Forge - Complete Hephaistos' Questline

Down in Flames - Complete Phosphor's Questline

Wraithless in Battle - Defeat a Wraith

Brother Battle - Defeat Ligyon

Mission Complete - Defeat Typhon

Who's the Boss - Defeat the Mythical Monster bosses

If you unlock all 50 of the achievements listed above, you will be able to earn one final trophy: The End. The criteria for unlocking The End is "Obtain every trophy / achievement in Immortals Fenyx Rising."

We hope you enjoy collecting every achievement in Immortals Fenyx Rising. For more Greek mythology goodness, check out our coverage on Hades.

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