How to Unlock the Mines in Hokko Life

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Are you wondering how to unlock the mines in Hokko Life? In this guide, I'll tell you how to open the Hokko Life mines and what you can find inside!

How to Unlock the Mines in Hokko Life

Before you can start your Hokko Life mining journey, you're going to need to start getting more villagers to move into the town. You need one specific villager to help you unlock a critical item. It's unlikely that this will be the first villager you unlock, though, so keep building more houses and getting more people to move in!

Now it's time to learn how to unlock the mines in Hokko Life: as best as we can tell, you need to get a specific villager to move in. My own experience is that Hector will be the "magic villager" you need to unlock the mines; other players reported that Sherf can do it, too. Complete quests for Hector or Sherf until they tell you that Sally the Carpenter has new stuff in her shop — you'll soon find the "Bomb" recipe, allowing you to open up the minds (and the Redwood forest, too)!

Here's what you need to craft a bomb:

  • 10 Yellow Petals
  • 5 Clay
  • 10 Sand

From there, you simply have to equip it and use it on the rocks in front of the mine. It'll blow them away and you can finally enter — and you're also one step closer to getting started with farming, too!

How to Unlock the Mines in Hokko Life Steel Pickaxe
The Steel Pickaxe can harvest Silver, allowing you to open up access to a new section of the Mines.

Using the Hokko Life Mines

The Hokko Life mines are split into several sections and you won't be able to access all of them right away. On the upside, the rocks within will regenerate every day, so you'll have no shortage of Stone, Coal, and metal going forward.

The first section of the mines has rocks similar to those that you found in the wilds; these will drop Stone and Coal. The deeper parts of the mines, however, are shrouded in darkness — you'll need to build Mining Lanterns to get to those. Here's what you need to craft one:

  • 3 Coal
  • 2 Stone
  • 2 Wooden Log

The Mining Lantern is not a tool; rather, it's a placeable piece of furniture. You're going to need quite a few; I recommend crafting at least 20 to start.

As you explore the second section, you'll find that some parts of the mines are blocked off. You'll need to upgrade your Pickaxe to get into these; your first step will be making some Steel, collecting some Redwood, and crafting the Steel Pickaxe at Sally's. This will give you the ability to harvest Silver, and your next goal after that will be to get the Silver Pickaxe.

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