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How to move the plane Hazel Sky PC

One of your first conundrums in Hazel Sky will arrive when you see that a plane is blocking one of the main paths forward. You obviously can't push it off, go on a vine to go around it or jump over the vehicle, so the next best option is to blow it up. Here's how you can move the plane in Hazel Sky that's blocking your path. 

Hazel Sky Cannon Fire

How to move the plane in Hazel Sky

Moving the cannon Hazel Sky PC

In the center of the first island of Hazel Sky, you'll see some sort of important oil rig at the top. However, as you try to climb your way up, an annoying plane is in the center of the path. While you wonder how the heck it got there in the first place, fall back down to the beach.

On the left side of the abandoned plane, you'll see a ship that has docked onto the beach.  Run towards it with the sprint button, and you'll see a rock and a rope that will help you jump on board. Jump towards the rope and remain pressing the hold button (left click for mouse and keyboard players). Swing on the rope up and down until you have enough momentum to let go.

Now that you're on the boat, you'll see a cannon that's out of position. Grab one end of the cannon and push it towards the left side of the boat. Face it in the direction where the abandoned plane is. After that, go to the top left edge of the boat to find cannons. Place the cannon inside the hole of the weapon at the front of it. Once you've installed it, go to the back of the cannon and then fire with the F key or the equivalent button press which is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

With a direct hit of the plane, it will be out of your way, despite the lack of sound effects proving otherwise.

Finding the metal you need in Hazel Sky 

Once you've reached the top of the hill and have reached the oil rig, you'll see a box that is on some fraying rope. Push the box forward and it will fall down a hill. Because of this, however, the rig illuminates in a fire. Slide down the muddy hill and get to safety.

Now, you can find the metal next to a tree where the crate came apart. After that, you can install the metal but you have to upgrade your stapler first. Hazel Sky has a bunch of hurdles you'll need to get through to finish each plane. For example, in Chapter 3, you'll need to move a bison off some train tracks.

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