How to Increase Your Inter-Knot Level in Zenless Zone Zero

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At a certain point in the game, you’ll notice that you’re going to have to increase your Inter-Knot level in Zenless Zone Zero to be able to continue doing the story commissions.

While most of the things you do in Zenless Zone Zero give you experience, also known as Inter-Knot credits in ZZZ, some of them aren’t optimal in giving you the experience you need in a short amount of time.

With that being said, here’s everything that we know about leveling up your Inter-Knot level quickly in Zenless Zone Zero!

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How to increase Inter-Knot level

There are a few ways for players to increase their Inter-Knot level in Zenless Zone Zero:

  • Story Commissions
  • Exploration and Battle Commissions
  • Agents Stories
  • Notorious Hunts
  • Hollow Zero
  • Expert Challenges

Each of these gives differing amounts of experience points. Choosing which ones to prioritize will make it easier for you to grind and reach the level cap you need to reach before continuing with the story.

The Story Commissions list.

Story Commissions

Story Commissions are the main way to increase your Inter-Knot level in Zenless Zone Zero. You’re forced to do them anyway to progress the game’s story and access more content.

They also give a lot of experience points so there’s nothing to complain about!

A list of Exploration and Battle Commissions.

Exploration and Battle Commissions

After story commissions, the best way to earn experience points is through Exploration and Battle Commissions. Depending on the commission, they can give you a high amount of experience.

The best part here is that they don’t require any batteries. There are quite a lot of them too so you can roam around and just get commissions during the earlier parts of the game. However, once you reach around Inter-Knot level 27, you’ll notice a drought of them. Which leads me to the next point!

Selecting the Agent Stories option, featuring a book icon.

Agent Stories

If you’re out of all commissions, the next best thing is going through your agent stories! To access agent stories, head over to the staff room in your store. There should be a shelf to your left with the label “Video Archive”.

Click on it and play any agent story that you haven’t played yet. Each agent story gives around 500 experience points for your Inter-Knot level.

Talking to Ophelia and signing up for Notorious Hunts.

Notorious Hunts

Notorious Hunts are bosses in Zenless Zone Zero that you can only hunt three times per week. This is distributed between a number of bosses which means that you can only do Notorious Hunts thrice per week no matter which boss you fight. Each notorious hunt gives 400 experience points.

Selecting a Hollow Zero area.

Hollow Zero

Hollow Zero also provides a lot of experience points. But they can be much harder and can take quite a lot of time. They give 600 experience points for every first-time clear, however, so they’re still a really valuable source of experience points during the latter parts of leveling your Inter-Knot level!

Talking to Lyla, who is mentioning Expert Challenges.

Expert Challenges

Lastly, we have Expert Challenges. The main downside of this as a source of experience is that it requires Battery. Battery is a very important resource as it is also used to farm drive disks and materials that increase the levels of your W-Engines or Agents.

Add the fact that each expert challenge only gives 400 experience points, it’s easy to see why we ranked it lowly. Only use this if you need the materials they drop and as a last resort for farming experience points for your Inter-Knot level quickly.

That's all for our guide on how to increase your Inter-Knot level in Zenless Zone Zero! Make sure to check out more of our guides below.

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