How to Get Uranium in The Planet Crafter

Last Update: March 24, 2022


How to Get Uranium in The Planet Crafter Guide - cover

Are you looking for Uranium in The Planet Crafter? This Planet Crafter Uranium guide will tell you where to find it -- and how you can use it to increase power generation.

What is Uranium Used for in The Planet Crafter?

Uranium is used in a handful of Crafting recipes, but its most important use is for making Uranium Rods. Uranium Rods, in turn, are used to make Nuclear Reactors -- and those will power all of your Buildings much better than anything else.


You can get Uranium from falling Asteroids once you've unlocked the Launch Platform and launched the appropriate rocket into space, but it's much easier to mine it by building an Ore Extractor in the right location. Additionally, Uranium seems to be one of the rarer resources -- there are only a handful of spawn points compared to the other materials that you can mine with an Ore Extractor.

You should focus on getting Ore Extractors online in a Uranium-rich location as soon as you've unlocked the first Nuclear Generator -- its power output outclasses everything else you can build up to that point and the higher-tier Terraforming equipment is going to draw a lot of Power. Ore Extractors take a lot of Power, too, and you want to automate as much as possible as quickly as you can.

Can You Craft Uranium in The Planet Crafter?

No, you cannot Craft Uranium in The Planet Crafter.


How to Get Uranium in The Planet Crafter Guide - slice

Where to Find Uranium in The Planet Crafter

Here are all the places you can find Uranium in The Planet Crafter that we know of. As always, this list does not include Storage Chests that you can find in the world -- check out our Maps and Locations Guide for exact locations!. You should also note that some locations may be sealed off by Ice Caves.

Slanted Rocks Cave




Mineable with Ore Extractor?

Yes (T2 Only)


A small cave exclusively filled with Uranium.


I hope our guide on how to find Uranium in The Planet Crafter was helpful -- please take a look at our other guides, too!

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