How to Get a Mount in Monster Harvest

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Are you wondering how to get a mount in Monster Harvest? Getting yourself a Monster Harvest mount is a little more difficult than some other games, but it's not as hard as you might think.

Monster Harvest is a new Farming RPG that also happens to have a monster battle system. There's a lot to explore, too, but it can be a real drag having to run and dodge-roll around the map all day. Fortunately, you can get yourself a mount - and you can even do it in the first month if you know what you need to do.

How to Get a Mount in Monster Harvest Guide stable

Build a Stable for Your First Monster Harvest Mount

Before we explain how to get a mount in Monster Harvest, you're going to need somewhere to put it. That involves building the Stable on your farm.

As you can see from the image above, the Stable will cost you the following:

  • $1,000
  • 100 Wood
  • 100 Rock
  • 20 Iron

You can make money by putting salable goods (such as the crops you grow) on the Consignment Board. Wood and Rock are abundant on your farm at the beginning of the game, so those items shouldn't be too difficult to get, either. The real challenge is the Iron - you'll have to harvest it in the Dungeon with a Pickaxe.

Once you have all the materials together, you simply need to walk up to the sign on your farm shown in the image above. Build the Stable and it will be instantly constructed! All that's left to do now is to actually get yourself a mount.

How to Get a Mount in Monster Harvest Guide Super Blue Slime

How To Get a Mount in Monster Harvest

Now we can explain how to get a mount in Monster Harvest. As with most of the creatures in the game, you're going to have to use slime on your crops - in this case, it's Super Blue Slime.

You'll learn to craft Super Blue Slime eventually, but it's going to be many, many levels before you get to that point. It's much easier to head up to the Slimery in town - that's the building that sells tool upgrades with the three slimes on the sign - and purchase Super Blue Slime for $1,200. Then, put the Super Blue Slime on one of your crops and it will turn into a mount!

What to Do if You Lose Your Monster Harvest Mount

Monster Harvest is still pretty new at the time of writing, but there's always the possibility of losing your mount due to a bug. You might also plain forget where the heck you left the little guy. If that happens, your mount should return to the Stable on the following morning. If it doesn't, you've probably encountered a bug and should report it to the developers.

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