How to get the Korok Mask in Tears of the Kingdom

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Link Wearing the Korok Mask in Tears of the Kingdom

Tears of the Kingdom is Link's latest adventure and there's a lot to collect. Armor sets, Shrines, and most of all... Korok Seeds. Unlike Breath of the Wild's 900 Korok Seeds there are 1000 Korok Seeds in Tears of the Kingdom. You can do a lot to keep an eye out for them, but there's another way to know when a Korok in nearby and that's the Korok Mask. In this guide we'll show you how to get the Korok Mask in Tears of the Kingdom so that you can make finding those 1000 Korok just a little bit easier.

Where to find the Korok Mask in Tears of the Kingdom?

The Korok Mask can be found in the Depths of Hyrule. To obtain it drop down the Chasm to the East of the Korok Forest. Also knows as the Lost Woods this is the large forest in the North of the map. Underneath the Korok forest you'll want to head North-West. You need to head about as North West as you can get in this small looped off area and you'll find a colosseum. Unlike other Colosseum what's in the middle isn't a Gloom locked chest, instead it's a Mighty Banana. If you've been playing the game for any amount of time you'll know that this is a trap of the Yiga Clan. Pick up the Mighty Banana and the Yiga Clan will appear and goad you before unleashing a Black Hinox.

The location of the Korok Mask in Tears of the Kingdom
With the Depths of the Deku Tree in the middle of this area you'll want to head to the North-West

The Black Hinox is easy enough to defeat. Shoot at it's eyeball to stun it and drop it to the ground and get some extra hits on it. It does have a metal cuff around one ankle, and a wooden cuff around their other ankle. If you're wanting to do any damage without stunning this Hinox I'd recommend burning away it's wooden cuff. Once you've defeated this Hinox a Gloom Locked Chest in the arena it was unleashed from will unlock. Open the chest to obtain the Korok Mask.

What does the Korok Mask do in Tears of the Kingdom?

The Korok Mask is a 1 defense item. Its description is as follows:

A mask inspired by those fun-loving Koroks. It shakes when one is nearby. It's a rather rare find.

Putting it on Links head he'll look somewhat like a Korok with a Hylian body. Now when you're exploring through the sky or the overworld if you get near a Korok the mask will begin to shake and make a noise. You can use this to better identify when a Korok might be hiding nearby allowing you to work faster towards unlocking more equipment slots for your weapons, bows, and shields.

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