How to Get the Anti-Chernobylite Burner

How to Get the Anti-Chernobylite Burner cover


How to Get the Anti-Chernobylite Burner

August 2, 2021

By: Robert N. Adams

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Are you wondering how to get the Anti-Chernobylite Burner in Chernobylite? This handy tool will help you get past those pesky crystals blocking your way — and it has some other neat uses, too.

A big part of Chernobylite is the very substance the game is named after: chernobylite. It's a very real thing that was created as a result of the Chernobyl disaster, although the game exaggerates its capabilities and downplays its danger compared to the real version. Unfortunately, sometimes you'll find a bunch of these green crystals blocking your way — and you'll need an Anti-Chernobylite Burner to get past them.

How to Get the Anti-Chernobylite Burner workbench

Here's How to Get the Anti-Chernobylite Burner

If you're wondering how to get the Anti-Chernobylite Burner, there's good news — it's not very difficult at all. You will, however, have to build some workbench before you can make it.


Your first step is to gather the necessary resources to build the Chernobylite-Powered Tools workbench. You can find it in the build menu at your base under Buildables\Base Upgrades\Building Tools. Here's what it will cost you:

Chernobylite-Powered Tools Building Cost

  • Mushrooms 8.00
  • Mechanical Parts 14.00
  • Electronical Parts 10.00
  • Chemicals 8.00

Once you've built the Chernobylite-Powered Tools workbench, it will allow you to craft two things: Chernobylite and the Anti-Chernobylite Burner.

The Anti-Chernobylite Burner is essentially a higher-tech Lockpick that can open up closed-off areas blocked by green crystals. The Chernobylite made at this workbench can be used to change your story decisions after you've died.

Anti-Chernobylite Burner Crafting Cost

  • Mushrooms 2.00
  • Flammable Parts 2.00
  • Chemicals 2.00

Chernobylite Crafting Costs

  • Mushrooms 3.00
  • Herbs 3.00
How to Get the Anti-Chernobylite Burner flare
The Anti-Chernobylite Burner can be used as a flare, but they're a bit pricey to craft — avoid using it like this unless it's an emergency.

How to Use the Anti-Chernobylite Burner and Get Past the Green Crystals

Using the Anti-Chernobylite Burner is pretty easy — simply walk up to the green crystals that are blocking your path and hit the use key (F by default) to burn them away. The Anti-Chernobylite Burner is consumed in the process; you can carry 3 Anti-Chernobylite Burners in a stack.

There's something else that's easy to miss: the Anti-Chernobylite Burner can be equipped. You can hold right-click to aim and press left-click to throw it on the ground. It's basically a flare, so you can use it to light up an area in a pinch. Keep in mind that it's somewhat costly to craft these, though, so don't go chucking them around all willy-nilly!

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