How to Fix The Cycle Matchmaking Error

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If you're getting The Cycle Matchmaking Error message, you may still be able to play the game by attempting some of our solutions.

The Cycle Matchmaking Error Fix

The Cycle Matchmaking Error is likely popping up due to a problem with the game's servers. First and foremost, you can attempt to get around the problem by trying these methods:

  • Restart your game
  • If restarting your game doesn't fix the problem, you can attempt to connect again by clicking "Deploy" until it works.
  • If repeated attempts to "Deploy" don't work, you can try to play a different map.
  • If none of the above solutions work, you may not be able to play until the developers fix the problem.

Several players on Reddit have reported that they were able to get into the map after several tries; sometimes, it takes 10 or more attempts for it to work. If you feel it's taking too much time, however, you may want to try playing on a different map entirely.

Bear in mind that there are differences between the maps, most notably in the difficulty of enemies. The enemies in the Crescent Falls map, for example, are much tougher than the enemies in the Bright Sand map and your guns may be ineffective against them. If you do decide to play on a harder map, you may not be able to kill some of the tougher enemies.

Naturally, tougher enemies breed tougher players -- you may also have to contend with enemy players who have superior gear to you. Much like the tougher creatures on harder maps, your weapons may not do very much damage to players who are equipped with better gear.

If you would prefer to wait for The Cycle Matchmaking Error to be fixed by the developers, it's best to check up on the current status of the game by visiting these links (in order):

  1. Official The Cycle Twitter
  2. Official The Cycle Subreddit
  3. The Cycle Steam Community Discussion Board
  4. The Cycle Discord
The Cycle Matchmaking Error Fix - Dangerous Enemies
Some of the enemies on the harder maps are so tough that your bullets will do 1 damage. Don't attempt to fight them if your guns aren't good enough -- run away or you'll die.

What To Do If You Can't Deploy In The Cycle

If you can't Deploy in The Cycle, there may be a problem with the game's servers that are preventing you from landing on the planet and hunting for loot. Here's what you can do to try to fix the problem:

  • Restart your game.
  • Click the "Deploy" button until it works.
  • Deploy on a different map.

Take care when heading into maps with higher difficulty ratings -- you may not be able to do very much damage to the enemies without better guns!

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