How to Fish in Monster Harvest

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Are you wondering how to fish in Monster Harvest? In this Monster Harvest Fishing Guide, we'll tell you how to find a Fishing Rod and what you need to do to reel in the big one!

Monster Harvest is a new Farming RPG with a twist - players can transform their crops into monsters that will battle for them in a deadly, slime-filled dungeon. You'll still want to earn a fair amount of money by doing farming and other activities. Fishing is one of the many ways to bring in cash, but you'll need to unlock it first.

How to Fish in Monster Harvest Guide Calming Cove
Unlock Calming Cove and you'll not only get access to a new area — you'll also get a Fishing Rod.

Where is the Fishing Rod in Monster Harvest?

Getting a Fishing Rod iin Monster Harvest is pretty easy - you simply have to unlock a blocked-off area in town. Unfortunately, unlocking this area is going to cost you a pretty penny.

There are two sealed-off areas in town - one to the left (Calming Cove) and one to the right (Glowing Glade). Unlocking either of these will cost you $1,500, so you probably won't be able to do it until halfway through the Dry Season.

Once you have the cash to spare, simply walk up to the rock pile to the left of the Saloon in town and interact with it. You can then spend $1,500 to unlock it. You'll get a Fishing Rod as a reward for unblocking the pass alongside access to a new area.

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How to Fish in Monster Harvest

Now it's finally time to explain how to fish in Monster Harvest. Fortunately, it's a pretty straightforward process:

  1. Equip your Fishing Rod.
  2. Stand next to a body of water.
  3. Hit the left-click to cast your line.
  4. Hit the left-click again once the white dot is on top of the green bar.
  5. If you land a fish, you must now start tapping left-click to reel the fish in.
    • If you miss the green zone, you'll lose Energy as if you had successfully cast and get nothing.

And that's it - it's really that simple! There are all sorts of different fish to catch depending on the area and time of day. Explore the map, cast your line, and rake in the big bucks!

Where to Get the Monster Harvest Fishing Rod Upgrade

You can get a Monster Harvest Fishing Rod upgrade in the same place you found it: Calming Cove. The people who live there also happen to have a shack in that section of the map. Head inside during the Day and you can upgrade your Fishing Rod just like any other tool. The first upgrade will cost you 10 Gold and $1,000, and the rest appear to follow a similar progression as the other tools.

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