How to find the Champion's Tunic in Tears of the Kingdom

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Link obtaining the Champion's Tunic in Tears of the Kingdom

Link's outfit is a feature that he's most recognized for, through a long history of games a pointy-eared hero donning a tunic of green has been a way to indicate to anyone that what they're about to experience when playing a Legend of Zelda game. Breath of the Wild, while it did have its own green tunic for completing all 120 shrines, instead had Link spend most of his time in a bright blue Champion's Tunic. This Champion's Tunic has returned as the new and improved Champion's Leathers. In this guide, we'll show you how to find the Champion's Tunic in Tears of the Kingdom as well as Zelda's bow from Twilight Princess.

How to get to the Champion's Tunic in Tears of the Kingdom?

The Champion's Tunic is found within the Throne Room of the Castle of Hyrule. Unlike Breath of the Wild where to reach the castle you simply needed to walk up a path in Tears of the Kingdom the Castle has been lifted high in the sky making it much harder to reach. Just because it's harder doesn't mean it's impossible though.

Link approaching Castle Hyrule Sanctum to obtain the Champion's Tunic
Not gonna lie... I was worried I was about to step into a boss fight

From Lookout Landing in Central Hyrule use the Lookout Landing Skyview Tower to jettison yourself into the sky. In the sky open your Paraglider and hold forward to build up as much forward momentum as you can while gliding. Without slowing down open a Wing Zonai Tool by holding up on the D-pad, navigating to Wing, pressing X, and then release up on the D-pad. The Wing will spawn directly in front of you, once you have control of link again wait a fraction of a second and press Y to swing down with your attack. If all goes well you should now be sitting on the tail of the Wing gliding towards Hyrule Castle. This isn't the easiest timing but if you miss and you start dropping hit Y again to bring up your paraglider and try again.

Sail towards Hyrule Castle, try to stay as high as possible to land right outside the Sanctum. This is the room where the final boss of Breath of the Wild takes place, but now the hole in the floor has been patched up and there isn't an enemy in sight.

How to unlock the Champion's Tunic?

Within the Sanctum walk up the stairs to reach the throne on the second level. In front of the throne are two braziers, set them both alight. Once both braziers are lit the statue behind the throne will slide away revealing a hidden treasure chest. Inside this chest you'll find the Champion's Leathers. The Champion's Leathers are a 5 defense item, but offer no other additional bonus. For an un-upgraded tunic that you can obtain as soon as you begin the game this is a good amount of defense to keep you alive while at low hearts. The extra defense is attributed to the "new shoulder guard" in the description for the item.

Link unlocking the hidden compartment that reveals the Champion's Tunic

Once you've obtained the Champion's Tunic it's well worth exploring around Hyrule Castle. In the room above the sanctum you can find a chest with 300 rupees, and if you continue to scale Hyrule Castle to its very peak you'll find the Dusk Bow, a 30 damage bow based on the Twilight Bow that Zelda uses in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess.

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