How to Build a Bridge in Hokko Life

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Are you wondering how to build a bridge in Hokko Life? In our Hokko Life Bridge Guide, we'll break down what you need to do to cross over the river and other gaps.

Hokko Life Bridge Requirements

If you want to build a bridge in Hokko Life, you're going to have to complete a few tasks first. Thankfully, all of the early missions can be completed in around an hour after you've started the game.

Your first step is to follow the steps in our Hokko Life Beginner's Guide. Once you've repaired Oma's Stool at the workshop, you'll get access to the Design feature and gain the ability to buy Blueprints from Sally the Carpenter. Buy the "Small Bridge" Blueprint for 100 Coins and then it's simply a matter of making one!

How to Build a Hokko Life Bridge - blueprint
You'll need to buy a specific Blueprint from Sally the Carpenter before you can build your bridge.

How to Build a Bridge in Hokko Life

It's time to get started with building your first Hokko Life bridge! Thankfully, this isn't like Animal Crossing: New Horizons — you're won't have to wait for several days to actually use your bridge. Here's what you need to do:

Step 1: Collect Some Wood

Gather up 5–6 pieces of wood.

Step 2: Buy the Blueprint at the Workshop

Next, go to the workshop and buy the "Simple Bridge" Blueprint from Sally. Remember, you need to have completed the starting quests and repaired Oma's Stool in order to buy Blueprints!

How to Build a Bridge in Hokko Life - design
It's not pretty, but it works and it's cheap.

Step 3: Design Your Bridge

It's time to design your Hokko Life bridge! Go to the Design Table and select the "Small Bridge" Blueprint; you'll be presented with the Design interface. The Hokko Life Design system is a little more involved than the Crafting system. Simply put, you can place objects in 3D space based on a general framework of an object such as a chair or table.

Press the + button on the bottom right to add a new piece and select the flat wooden board piece. Then, press the "Resize" button and stretch it out to its maximum size. At that size, you can build a full bridge with just 5 pieces of wood, although you might want to use a few more pieces to make it easier to walk over.

As you're working, you may notice a message on the bottom right that says "Design has problems." Each Blueprint has requirements such as a minimum size and maximum size, so make sure you follow them. As long as all of your pieces fit within those boundaries (and doesn't exceed them), you'll be good!

How to Build a Bridge in Hokko Life - placing
Once your bridge is built, the only thing left to do is place it!

However you decide to design it, you can save your bridge and it will deposit the designed item in your backpack. Head out into the world and place your bridge over the river or gap you want to cross.

You can also pick your bridge up and take it to the Design Table to make copies or change your design as long as you have enough resources. You can even use a bridge to go up the little cliffs in the forest!

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