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If you have run around the world in Sons of the Forest for a bit, you might have seen what most people first assumed was a glitch in the game; a kind-hearted three legged lady named Virginia. She is not a glitch, but a very important person within the storyline of the game. In this guide, we will discuss how to get Virginia as a companion, as well as what she can do to help you. Here's our Sons of the Forest Virginia guide.

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If you think back to when the helicopter was first landing, Virginia was one of the faces you saw on the screen as missing within the island. Though you only see her for a few moments, it becomes painfully clear once you meet this three-legged creature that she has been tainted by the disease that plagues the land, but only slightly, as she is non-hostile and extremely friendly.

How To Befriend The Three Legged Lady in Sons of the Forest

When you first encounter Virginia, she isn't thrilled to see you. Of course, throughout her time on this island, she has learned that anyone and anything can be a threat. She will sprint away from you when you attempt to get close to her and will not allow you to interact with her. So how do you change that? 

First, you basically can just live your life on the island as normal, because once you set up camp she is consistently lurking around watching you as you build, eat, sleep, and explore. Quickly she learns you aren't scary per se, but that you still can't be trusted. Virginia will begin to move close to you are your camp as the days pass, but she won't do much else until you save her from mutants. 

The game will get progressively harder and the NPCs that help you, including Virginia, can be downed and knocked out by mutants. If you see this happen to Virginia, you can go and save her life by interacting with her to heal her while she is knocked down. This is one of the fastest ways to gain her trust. Once she trusts you, she will begin to bring you random gifts that she will drop at your feet. This ranges from some berries, useful flowers, or even dead animals for you to skin and eat. Now, you can also befriend her by simply putting away your weapon and allowing her to approach you on her own little by little, but this does take quite a bit of patience. 

Virginia's inventory in Sons of the Forest, How To Make Virginia Your Friend in Sons of the Forest

What to Give Virginia

Once she trusts you fully, you can begin to interact with her, where you will see you have the option to give her a few items. There are three in total you can give to her, The Pistol, The Shotgun, and The GPS Tracker. Keep in mind once you give her one of these items, you can take them back whenever you want, they are not just permanently gone forever. 

The Gps Tracker does exactly what you expect; it tracks her location so you always know where she is. Now, when you decide to give her a gun, that is when things go crazy. Now she isn't just a natural gunslinger, so it will take her a while to warm up to the idea of blasting mutants consistently for the kill shot. But once she gets her bearings, it's go time. Virginia can use both weapons at the same time, as she has three arms, so she becomes extremely useful in hectic combat situations.

Sons of the Forest Virginia Details

With all of that said, she does come with a downside, and that is she is said to dislike snowy or cold climates. This means that she is more likely to follow and help you in warmer areas, but she will still sometimes help when you are in snowy areas or mountainous regions (we learned from experience, as she followed us up to the highest point of a mountain in the blistering snow).

Virginia also does not take commands, such as Kelvin the NPC does, so she just kind of does whatever she wants, but she is extremely useful and very helpful in a pinch, especially when she is armed. 

Thanks for reading our guide on how to get Virginia as a companion in Sons of the Forest. Make sure to check out our other guides below! 

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