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In this House Flipper Perks Guide, we'll tell you how Perks work, how to unlock more Perks, what each Perk does, and the best Perks in the game!

Starting out in House Flipper can be a little rough -- you only have a little money, some cheap Tools, and the desire to Build the best possible houses for your customers. Perks are one of the ways that you can make your job a heck of a lot easier -- let's explore how they work.

How House Flipper Perks Work

House Flipper Perks are permanent, passive improvements to your character and their Tools. Perks can make it easier to find trash, allow you to build walls faster, and even make you more money with certain jobs!

There are seven Perk trees in total -- here's what they are and what they're related to

  1. Cleaning - Cleaning up dirt and trash and easily finding it.
  2. Painting - Painting walls.
  3. Handyman - Installing fittings, plastering walls, and placing tiles.
  4. Demolition - Destroying walls.
  5. Building - Building walls.
  6. Negotiation - Increasing the money earned from doing jobs or selling houses and reducing requirements for some jobs.
  7. Gardener - Increasing gardening speed, upgrading gardening tools, and easily finding weeds, molehills, etc.

Each Perk Tree has three Perks that you can pick from, each of which has three levels. Some Perks are more useful than others. You'll eventually be able to get all of the Perks, but making smart choices and picking the right Perks first will make your gameplay experience a lot easier.

How to Upgrade Your Perks in House Flipper

You can upgrade your Perks in House Flipper by completing the objectives listed on each respective Perk screen, filling up the progress bar, and selecting a Perk when

House Flipper Perks Guide - Mop Upgrade
Upgrading your Perks won't just change the visual look of your Tools -- they'll perform better, too.

House Flipper Perks List

Here is a list of all of the House Flipper Perks and what they do in the game.


Cleaning Perks are related to removing trash and cleaning up dirt.

Penetrating Vision

  1. See some dirt on the minimap
  2. See most dirt on the minimap
  3. See all dirt on the minimap

Fast Hands

  1. 25% Faster Cleaning
  2. 50% Faster Cleaning
  3. 75% Faster Cleaning

Long Range

  1. Good Mop - Improves Cleaning range.
  2. Ultra Hyper Mop 2018 - Further improves Cleaning range.
  3. Multiple Trash Disposal - Improves trash disposal.

Best Cleaning Perk

The best Cleaning Perk to take is the "Penetrating Vision" Perk. It's especially important as it will allow you to see all of the dirt on a map and 100% complete your objectives.

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Painting Perks are related to painting walls in a house.

Basic Painting

  1. You won't waste paint on an already painted wall
  2. 20% less paint usage
  3. 40% less paint usage

Instant Painting

  1. 25% faster painting
  2. 50% faster painting
  3. 75% faster painting

Paint More

  1. Paint 2 walls at the same time
  2. Paint 3 walls at the same time
  3. Paint 4 walls at the same time

Best Painting Perk

The best Painting Perk is the "Paint More" Perk -- it will allow you to paint larger areas with a single sweep of the roller.

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Handyman Perks are related to setting up furniture with fittings (such as radiators and toilets), plastering walls, and placing tiles.


  1. 20% faster mounting
  2. 50% faster mounting
  3. 100% faster mounting


  1. 20% faster plastering
  2. 50% faster plastering
  3. 100% faster plastering


  1. Hold up to 3 tiles or panels at once and lay them 25% faster
  2. Hold up to 5 tiles or panels at once and lay them 50% faster
  3. Hold up to 10 tiles or panels at once and lay them 75% faster

Best Handyman Perk

The best Handyman Perk to take first is "Fitter" since you are more likely to be placing Furniture with fittings than you are to be plastering or tiling, especially in the early game.

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Rather unsurprisingly, the Demolition Perks are related to demolishing walls inside a house.

Passionate Hammer Master

  1. 25% faster demolition
  2. 50% faster demolition
  3. 100% faster demolition

Triceps of Steel

  1. 5% more muscle strength
  2. 10% more muscle strength
  3. 25% more muscle strength

Better Equipment

  1. Upgraded hammer - A better hammer that hits a larger area.
  2. Professional hammer - A better hammer that hits a larger area.
  3. Big professional hammer - A better hammer that hits a larger area.

Best Demolition Perk

The best Demolition Perk is Better Equipment since it will allow you to damage larger areas with fewer swings.

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Building Perks are related to placing new walls within a house.

Fast Building

  1. 50% faster building
  2. 125% faster building
  3. 400% faster building


  1. The wall is already painted
  2. Building distance is 1 meter more
  3. 50% lower building price

One Man Crew

  1. Can build 3 walls at once
  2. Can build 5 walls at once
  3. Can build max amount of walls in a line

Best Building Perk

The best Building Perk is One Man Crew as it will allow you to fill up larger areas with Walls. However, you should take the first tier of the Mason Perk first as it will save you the trouble of painting new walls (and it will save you some money, too).

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Negotiation Perks are related to how much money you get from jobs or selling houses and how much work you'll have to do.

Price Negotiation

  1. Option to negotiate the price
  2. Increased chance of successful negotiations by 5%
  3. Increased chance of successful negotiations by 10%

Quick Jobs

  1. -2% of the job's requirements
  2. -5% of the job's requirements
  3. -10% of the job's requirements

Higher Payment

  1. 10% extra payment for the job
  2. 25% extra payment for the job
  3. 50% extra payment for the job

Best Negotiation Perk

The best Negotiation Perk to take is Higher Payment. While it's possible to negotiate a higher price in the tens of thousands when flipping a house, there is no guarantee that you'll be successful. 10-50% extra payment on your jobs is guaranteed and more consistent.

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As you might expect, Gardener Perks are related to working with plants outdoors.


  1. Increased planting speed by 80%
  2. Regulated mowing speed and grass placement
  3. Increased digging speed by 75%


  1. Grass Trimmer 2019
    Increased trimming range
  2. Shovel "Beeushie"
    More efficient digging
  3. Axe Feza
    Increased strength & speed

Gardeners Sense

  1. Tall grass visible on minimap
  2. Weeds visible on minimap
  3. Molehills visible on minimap

Best Gardener Perk

The best Gardener Perks to take are the "Gardener's Sense" Perks -- they'll prevent you from missing any of the potential problem areas in a garden. After that, you should take the first rank of "Quick" since planting tends to be very slow.

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Farmer Perks are related to the new Farming mechanics introduced in the Farm DLC.

Diligent Farmer

  1. 50% increased growth rate of crops
  2. Crop collection range increased
  3. Increased vegetable patch digging

Animal Whisperer

  1. Animals provide 50% more produce
  2. Maximum animals price increased by 75%
  3. Animal produce worth increased by 85%

Hightech Farmer

  1. The drone allows you to fertilize plants
  2. The drone allows you to create an orthophotomap of plants
  3. The drone allows you to spray crops

Best Farmer Perk

The Best Farmer Perk is Diligent Farmer. While raising Animals is fun, growing Crops is much more low maintenance and will allow you to gain a more consistent profit.

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Architect Perks are related to the new Building systems introduced in the Farm DLC.

Fastest Bricklayer

  1. Build outbuildings 10% faster
  2. Build outbuildings 20% faster
  3. Build outbuildings 30% faster

Scrooge McBrick

  1. Build outbuildings cheaper by 10%
  2. Build outbuildings cheaper by 20%
  3. Build outbuildings cheaper by 30%

Miracle Worker

  1. You can design interior walls
  2. You can design floors
  3. You can design large buildings

Best Architect Perk

The best Architect Perk is Miracle Worker. Cheaper and faster Building is nice, but it's better to have a wider range of options for the actual construction first.

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Thanks for reading our House Flipper Perks Guide -- make sure to check out our other guides below!

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