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Last Update: April 14, 2023


House Flipper Building Guide - Cover image Hitting a Green Wall with a Sledgehammer

This House Flipper Building Guide will tell you how to place and demolish walls, how to install fixtures for plumbing furniture, and more!

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Can You Build a Garage? | How to Demolish Walls
Can You Demolish Exterior Walls? | How to Build Walls
How to Install Doors and Windows | How to Install Fixtures
How the House Building Tool Works | Where Can You Build with the House Building Tool?


House Flipper is a game that's all about renovating houses, furnishing them, and selling them. You'll get a taste of the basics in the first Job, and then you'll move on to getting new Tools and improving your Perks. Eventually, you'll have enough money to buy your first house to renovate; this guide will tell you what you need to know for the basics of Building!

How House Flipper Building Works

The first few things you'll do on a new Job will probably be cleaning up the Trash and Dirt in the house you're renovating. Once that's done, though, you'll need to focus on the key elements of House Flipper Building. Here is what you'll typically do, in order:

  1. Demolishing interior walls
  2. Building new walls to make new Rooms
  3. Installing windows, exterior doors, and internal doors
  4. Installing Fixtures for sinks, toilets, showers, radiators, etc.

Once these things are done, you can move on to placing the Furniture your customers want (and, more importantly, boost the sale price of your house!)


Can You Build a House from Scratch in House Flipper?

No, you cannot build a house from scratch in House Flipper in most cases. You can't remove or add exterior walls, and you can't add or remove roofs.

The Farm DLC allows you to Build some structures from scratch (or expand existing ones) with the House Building Tool.

Furthermore, you will be able to build a house from scratch in the sequel House Flipper 2 which is expected to arrive later in 2023.


"[House Flipper 2] will be a fresh start for us [--] we are experienced, we already know what we did wrong and what we did right, which allowed us to be that much smarter and build the code infrastructure we really need," Frozen District's Team Leader Jakub Bujas said when House Flipper 2 was announced in early 2022. "Therefore, one of the things that will distinguish us from the first part is that it will be possible to construct buildings from scratch."

Can You Build a Garage in House Flipper?

No, you can't build a garage in House Flipper, nor can you remove an existing garage door. The only way to have a garage in your house is to purchase a house that already has a garage. You can place Garage Doors with the Farm DLC, but these Buildings do not count as Garages.


That said, it looks like the sequel House Flipper 2 will probably allow you to build a garage from scratch if you'd like to have one in your house.

House Flipper Building Guide - Smashing a Green Wall with the Demolition Tool
The Demolition Tool can remove interior walls, allowing you to set up different Rooms however you like.

How to Demolish Walls in House Flipper

You can demolish walls in House Flipper by using the Demolition Tool (a.k.a. the Sledgehammer), which you'll unlock by completing the Job "Additional walls" or the Job "Walls to knock down."

Can You Demolish Exterior Walls in House Flipper?

No, you cannot demolish exterior walls in House Flipper. You can only demolish the walls inside of a house. However, you can add to the outside of a house by using the House Building Tool.

Additionally, the sequel House Flipper 2 will allow you to build a house completely from scratch, and that means that you will likely be able to demolish exterior walls in that game, too.

House Flipper Building Guide - Installing a New Wall on a Job
Building new Walls will allow you to subdivide the interior of a house into Rooms.

How to Build Walls in House Flipper

You can Build walls in House Flipper by using the Build Walls Tool after you've unlocked it by completing the Job "Additional walls" or the Job "Walls to knock down." If you plan on installing a doorway, you'll also need to use the "Build Lintels" Tool to place a small wall above the doorway.


How to Install Doors and Windows in House Flipper

Installing exterior doors and windows in House Flipper is a pretty simple process; here's what to do:

  1. Select your exterior door or window.
  2. Place it on a wall where you want it.
  3. Once the door or window is placed, knock out the wall with the Demolition Tool.

Interior doors are much easier to place -- all you have to do is select them from the Store and place them in the house.

House Flipper Building Guide - Installing a Sink Fixture
Installing a Fixture requires you to place the Fixture, purchase and attach the associated Furniture, and then connect the Furniture to the Fixture. Incorrectly installing this Furniture could cause a mess.

How to Install Fixtures in House Flipper

Fixtures are the necessary plumbing and electronics for certain Furniture, such as:

  • Air Conditioners
  • Bathtubs
  • Radiators
  • Showers
  • Sinks
  • Toilets
  • Washers

If you want to install a piece of Furniture that requires a Fixture, you'll have to install the Fixture first. Here's what you have to do:

  1. Place the Fixture where you'd like to put the associated Furniture.
  2. In some cases, you'll have to set up the Fixture by unscrewing the caps.
  3. Select the associated Furniture and snap it to the Fixture.
  4. In some cases, you'll have to attach the Furniture to the Fixture.

Keep in mind that failing to completely set up a Fixture can cause problems. For example, not screwing in all of the pipes for a sink or radiator can cause it to leak water which you'll have to clean up with your Mop Tool.

House Flipper Building Guide - Using the Architect Tool to Build on a Farm
The new Architect Tool allows you to Build entirely new structures or add to existing ones.

How the Architect Tool Works

The Architect Tool is a new addition in the Farm DLC that allows you to create Buildings from scratch or expand existing ones. However, you are still not able to entirely destroy existing Buildings.

Using the Architect Tool is pretty easy. All you have to do is place the footprint of the Building on the ground and drag the walls out until the footprint is in the desired shape and size. You can also Build a second floor if you use a ladder or scaffolding.

Where Can You Build with the Architect Tool?

You can Build with the Architect Tool on any property that has the "House Building" icon on the top left.

House Flipper Building Guide - House Building Icon in the Laptop Browser Shows You Where You Can Use the Architect Tool

Many properties from older DLCs (such as the Apocalypse DLC) will allow you to use the Architect Tool -- check out the Browser in the Laptop to see which properties are eligible!

Thanks for reading our House Flipper Building Guide. If you enjoyed it, why not check out our other guides below?

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