Horizon Zero Dawn Vantage Points Guide

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Horizon Zero Dawn Vantage Point Guide

Horizon Zero Dawn is a sprawling game, with a ton of content for you to explore and come across as you make your way through both the main questline, and the side quests and errands you'll come across. Throughout that journey, you'll also be able to find and collect Ancient Vessels, Metal Flowers, Audio and Written Logs, as well as Banuk Figures and Vantage Points. The Vantage Points you'll find throughout the map will give you a glimpse into the past of the world, and what the various areas would have looked like before it all became ruins. Just follow our Horizon Zero Dawn Vantage Points Guide if you need help finding or, or all of them!

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Horizon Zero Dawn Vantage Points #1 - Air Combat Academy

This Vantage Point is southeast of the Main Embrace Gate, and is found atop a pile of rocks on the side of a hill. If you head directly southeast from the campfire on the eastern side of the gate, you'll run right into the Vantage Point if you make your way to the path jutting northwest into the small hill. Any easy climb up from here will net you the first Vantage Point.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Vantage Point #2 - Colorado Springs

The second Vantage Point will show you the city of Colorado Springs. Approach Devil's Thirst from the south and climb up the taller of the two buildings by the Vantage Point. Inside that building you’ll find climb spots. The Vantage Point will be on the west side of the ruined building you've been climbing.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Vantage Point #3 - Explorer’s Museum

The third Vantage Point can be found atop a rock to the northwest of the Devil's Thirst bandit camp. Head out the northern exit of the camp, then along the path just north of the river. Directly north of the camp’s western bridge is where you’ll find this Vantage Point.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Vantage Point #4 - Bridal Viel Falls

Head west out of the corrupted zone/campfire to the southwest of Two-Teeth Bandit Camp, and continue until you hit a split in the road. Directly across from the split, head up the rocks (juuuust a bit to the south) and you’ll find the Vantage Point overlooking the road.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Vantage Point #5 - Denver Stadium

You’ll find this Vantage point just northeast of the Devil’s Thirst location marker, atop a large skyscraper. Head inside the structure to find a roaring fire, and an easy-to-follow set of climbing handholds to get you started on your way up.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Vantage Point #6 - Sterling-Malkeet Ampitheater

This vantage point is pretty easy to easy to find, and if you’re clearing out corrupted zones - you’ll bump right into it. Go across the river west of Devil's Grief and locate the Corrupted Zone near the campfire in the snowy region. You’ll find the vantage point just a little to the southeast down the hill.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Vantage Point #7 - Monument Valley

To get to the Monument Valley vantage point, head east out of Sunstone rock until just before the second split. You’ll see the vantage point above you, but to get there, you have to head back a bit towards Sunstone and climb the rockface to get to the zipline that will take you right to the vantage point.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Vantage Point #8 - Eagle Canyon

This Vantage point can be found to the east of Brightmarket, just follow the path out and as you approach the campfire at the split - you’ll see the Vantage Point just north of you. If you head north from the campfire, and then look to the left of the road - you’ll see where to climb up to the Vantage Point. Open up you focus, and it’s yours.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Vantage Point #9 Lake Powell

Head Northwest out of Cut-Cliffs (the big quarry) until you make it to the lake area - then cut across the lake (it’s safe to swim) directly northwest until you hit land. Once you do, you’ll see a cross-wire and on the south side up above is the Vantage Point. You’ll find a place to climb on the east side of the rockface, near the start of the wire.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Vantage Point #10 - Bryce Orbital

If you get to the campfire directly to the northeast of Sunfall, you can climb (by jumping) up the eastern slope of the mountain overlooking Sunfall. Along the western edge of the cliff, you’ll find this vantage point.

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Horizon Zero Dawn Vantage Point #11 - Faro Automated Solutions

Head South from the Campfire at Maker’s End, until you reach the end of the path. You’ll see a lone rock jutting from the ground along the slope, and your Focus will show you the Vantage point above. Climb up from the southeast side of the rock (under a rappel point), and you’re there!

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Horizon Zero Dawn Vantage Point #12 - King’s Peak

This is a tough one to get to, so make sure you’re stocked on ammo and traps. Follow the path north from Free Heap, all the way up to the Northeasternmost part of the Map. You’ll pass two campfires on your climb up, and after the 2nd (and a fight), you’ll see a waterfall that looks like it can’t be climbed. On the left side of the creek/waterfall, however, you’ll find a climbing spot to a second level - then another just after that, so keep making your way to the top. Then…you’ll fight a giant bird! Great, right?

After you’ve beaten the bird, the Vantage Point is up and to the left of where you climbed up. Head to the rock face on the left after the wreckage, and you’ll see a spot to climb. Head up, and you have the final Vantage Point!

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There you have it! All 12 Horizon Zero Dawn Vantage Point locations! Hopefully this guide helped you in some way, and if there's any other guides you'd like to see - let us know!



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