Horizon Zero Dawn Ancient Vessels Guide

Horizon Zero Dawn Ancient Vessels Guide

March 9, 2017

By: Rutledge Daugette


There's no shortage of things for you to do, machines for you to fight, and areas for you to climb and explore in Horizon Zero Dawn. With things like Vantage Points, Banuk Figures, Metal Flowers, and Ancient Vessels, as well as a number of audio and written logs for you to find, Horizon Zero Dawn has enough to keep you busy for a long while. With that said, we've created this Ancient Vessels Guide to assist you in finding one, or all, of the 12 Ancient Vessels that you can find littered across Horizon Zero Dawn's map!


Quicktip: We recommend using a combination of the maps purchasable by vendors with your Focus to ensure the maximum ease of finding the Ancient Vessels!

Check out the 12 Ancient Vessels Below - each one has a picture of the spot where the vessel can be found in the game world, as well as on the map!


Ancient Vessel #1 - Dronehop Vessel

The Dronehop Vessel can be found to the west of the Devil’s Thirst bandit camp. Cross the bridge outside of the camp to the west, and then look for the pile of debris off to your left up on a hill.

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Ancient Vessel #2 - Arches

Head over to Devil’s Thirst, then take the Southern path until you cross over a bridge. Once you cross the river, turn right and head towards the ruined buildings along the water’s edge. You’ll find the pile of Ancient Debris overlooking the water.

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Ancient Vessel #3 - Wayfarers Vessel

The Wayfarers Vessel is north of the Tallneck at Devil’s Thirst. You’ll find the pile of ancient debris just past a river that runs by a few ruined buildings, next to the path.

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Ancient Vessel #4 Miriam

You can find this Ancient Vessel during (or after) the mission “Revenge of the Nora." You’ll find the pile of ancient debris just to the southeast of their camp, along the path that runs through the ruined buildings.

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Ancient Vessel #5 - USRC

The next Vessel on our list can be found near the southwest campfire in Devil’s Grief. Once you’re at the campfire, head to the west past the split in the road and you’ll find the pile of Ancient Debris just south of the path near a ruined building.

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Ancient Vessel #6 - KZ

You can find the KZ Vessel by heading almost directly south of the USRC vessel. You’ll head for a section of wooded area, then keep southwest of the ruined buildings on the map as you see a long stretch of ruined structures. Use your Focus to find the debris pile that will contain the KZ Ancient Vessel.

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Ancient Vessel #7 - Faro

Make your way up to a Sawtooth site to the west of Meridian, and on the road southwest of Brightmarket to find the Faro Ancient Vessel. There are a couple of Sawtooth’s in the way, so make sure to bring plenty of firepower to take them out, or Override 1 or 2 from the tall grass nearby. You’ll find the vessel right alongside a ruined archway.

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Ancient Vessel #8 - Jomei

You’ll find this Ancient Vessel just outside Dimmed Bones, in an Ancient Debris pile at the end of the winding road that leads up to it from the west. Pretty easy to spot!

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Ancient Vessel #9 - Odyssey

Head Northeast out of Cut-Cliffs, then continue along the most northern path until after you cross the river. Once you do that, head east along the path to go into an area surrounded by cliffs. You’ll find the Ancient Debris at the base of the abandoned village here.

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Ancient Vessel #10 - Sterling-Malkeet

You’ll find this Ancient Vessel on the far northwest side of the Shattered Kiln Bandit Camp, near where the bandits kept their prisoners, and just to the right of the entrance on the west side.

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Ancient Vessel #11 - Metallurgic

This one is on the Southeast side of Maker’s End, just north of the campfire. You’ll find it on the slope on the south side of the southeastern most building.

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Ancient Vessel #12 - Thunderheads

You’ll find the final Ancient Vessel in Makers End, slightly to the Northeast of the Marker for the area. You’ll have to make your way through cultists and corrupted machines, but you’ll find it right inside the structure above the Maker’s End marker.

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There you have it! All 12 Horizon Zero Dawn Ancient Vessel Locations! We had a blast exploring the world as we sought these out, and we hope you did/do too!

What do you think of this guide? Did it help you find one or more of the Ancient Vessels?

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