Horizon Forbidden West The Stillsands Relic Ruins Guide

Last Update: February 20, 2022


Stillsands Relic Ruins in Horizon Forbidden West

Another exotic locale, another Horizon Forbidden West Relic Ruins puzzle. Our Stillsands Relic Ruins guide will show you exactly what puzzle-solving skills you'll need to reach the Relic Ruins ornament. This collectable quest includes some enticing supply caches that can be opened as well, making this small detour well worth your time.

Horizon Forbidden West The Stillsands Relic Ruin – Where to Find The Relic Ruin?

As you hunt for the programs to piece GAIA back together, you'll be sent to the southern desert to investigate the ruins of a dilapidated Las Vegas. You'll find The Stillsands Relic Ruin location west of The Sea of Sands mission marker.


Horizon Forbidden West The Stillsands Relic Ruin Guide - Solving The Puzzle

Horizon Forbidden West Stillsands Relic Ruin

To start off, you're going to enter The Stillsands ruins from the top. You'll be able to see the ornament you need high up on a ledge, but to reach it you must first solve The Stillsands Relic Ruin puzzle. There's also some Greenshine and ancient supply caches in this ruin, so investigate thoroughly to gather everything.

Begin by climbing the small staircase in the center of the room to reach the platform on the second level. Here you'll find a crate, push it down to the bottom level. Push it over near the entrance and you'll notice a wall with Firegleam on it. Ignite the Firegleam to blow the wall wide open, then push the crate through the hole into the newly accessible room.


How to Get The Stillsands Relic Ruin Store Key

Store Key in Stillsands Relic Ruin in Horizon Forbidden West

Jump on the crate and up to the platform above to get to the water valve. Turn it on to start a flow of water into the ruins, but the water will empty through a drain in the wall. Jump back down and push the crate securely into the hole to block the drain. The Stillsands Relic Ruins will begin to flood. Make sure the crate is secure before walking/swimming away, as it can become dislodged if it's not firmly in place.

Swim back into the main room and you can now access the second level. There's a door we're not able to open yet, but nearby you'll also find an Ancient Supply Safe, so make sure you empty that out. Then swim across the room to the left corner and climb the staircase that is now accessible. Pick up the Store Key, and keep climbing the stairs to find an Ancient Supply Chest and a data point that Aloy can scan with her focus.


Swim back over to the door that was locked before and use the Store Key to open it up. Inside you'll find a second crate. Push it into the main room and into the water. Now you'll need to push that crate across the room, but you can't do that with The Stillsands Relic Ruin flooded. Swim back into the room with the water valve and stand on the platform next to the valve. Use Aloy's Pullcaster to latch onto the crate blocking the drain and pull it free, emptying the water from the ruins.

Now that you can navigate on dry land, go back into the main room and push the second crate across to the back of the ruins. Use your Focus to find a griphold that you can jump to from the crate once the ruins are flooded again. Position the crate where you need it to go, then return to the drain and move the first crate back into place to block the flow of water and flood The Stillsands Relic Ruin again.


How To Get The Stillsands Relic Ruin Ornament

Horizon Forbidden West Stillsands Relic Ruin Ornament location

Swim back to the second crate and climb on top of it. Jump to the griphold, and keep climbing up to the top to where the Ornament is. Jump across the small gap and claim your prize! As a bonus, before leaving, you can jump down to the level directly below and retrieve some supplies from the Ancient Supply Chest.

To exit The Stillsands Relic Ruin in Horizon Forbidden West, simply climb up the gripholds attached to either statue in the center of the room. Aloy can easily zip to them using the Pullcaster, then you can climb up to the top ledge and make your way back to the entrance, exiting the way you came in!

And that is how to solve the Relic Ruin found in The Stillsands in Horizon Forbidden West. Those looking to get the Horizon Forbidden West Platinum Trophy will want to tackle at least some of the Relic Ruins, as relevant Forbidden West trophies include:

  • Completed 3 Relic Ruins trophy
  • Recovered 5 Different Collectables trophy

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