Horizon Forbidden West Runner's Wild Relic Ruin Guide

Last Update: February 20, 2022


Aloy outside of an abandoned church in Runner's Wild

So you've pushed a bit further into the unknown but have gotten stuck on the Horizon Forbidden West Runner's Wild Relic Ruin puzzle. Either you're having trouble finding it or just wrapping your head around the environmental challenge it presents. n this Horizon Forbidden West Runner's Wild Relic Ruin guide we'll give you all you need to know.

The location of the Runner's Wild Relic Ruin on Aloy's Map
Here to help you cut down on the map scouring

Horizon Forbidden West Runner's Wild Relic Ruin Guide – Where Is It Located?

So the Runner's Wild Relic Ruin is a bit out of the way. It's up in a mountain range that's removed from convenient towns or villages. The closest point of interest I can mention is the large Tenakth settlement of Scalding Spear. That would be the large stronghold with a giant tower surrounded by abandoned solar panels. The Relic Ruin should be northwest from that location.


Please note once again that this Relic Ruin does require you to have the Igniter tool. You can get this by completing the story chapter titled “Death's Door.”

Aloy looking down at glowing moss on a wall
So it begins.

Horizon Forbidden West Runner's Wild Relic Ruin Guide – Solving The Puzzle

The good news is this particular Relic Ruin does not require a keypad code. There is a locked door you need to get through, but it just requires a key. However, the way to the relic is a little out of the way and requires a bit of legwork.

First, make your way towards the locked door. Scan the area with your Focus if you need help finding handholds. From here look around the ruins until you see the remains of a corridor lit up by some firegleam. Drop down into this area. But before you ignite the firegleam, turn around to the wall opposite. There should be a hatch on the wall for your pullcaster. Bring down the wall with your pullcaster then ignite the firegleam. This should open a pathway to a crate up on a pedestal. Bring it down with your pullcaster and move it back the way you came into the corner of the corridor. For reference, that is just past the hole you made with the firegleam.


From there, you can climb the box up to some footholds, reach the upper levels of the tower's interior and get the key. That is it would if the footholds you grab onto didn't break off. There are a few more steps to go, but you're on the right path.

The next thing you need to do is pull the crate back to the pedestal where you found it. There should be a foothold just above the pedestal. Climb upwards until you're on the outside of the tower. From there, things will get a bit tricky. Use the jump button to kick directly off the wall and activate your glider as soon as you can. You should be going in an arc towards another rooftop with a second crate perched just out of reach of your pullcaster. Physically move it down to the ground floor, then use your pullcaster to rip down the other wall for a clear path.

Aloy in front of a pair of stacked crates.
Amazing how much a place opens up with just five extra feet of height.

The following step is a good old case of crate stacking. First, move the crate you used before at the tower's case to one of two spots where you can stack the crates. The spots should stick out since there is no growth or vegetation. Move the second crate on top of the other one, then move the stacked crates all the way back to the tower's base. Do not worry about physics knocking them over, they appear to be magnetized together. With your new extra bit of verticality, you should be able to get up to the tower and get the key.


But you're not entirely done with those crates just yet. First, use the key on the door and head inside. From here, it looks like all of that work was for nothing. But there's another wall you can bring down with your pullcaster. Do it, and if you've knocked down every single wall up to this point, you should have a direct line to your stacked crates. Move the crates up the path as far as you can until they hit a wall, then take the top crate and move it past the locked door and up the ramp until the crate is right next to another tower. Use this crate to reach some out of reach footholds and climb this tower upwards. Eventually, you'll find an opening in the tower, with your relic prize inside.

And that was how to solve the Relic Ruin found in Runner's Wild in Horizon Forbidden West.




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