Horizon Forbidden West No Man's Land Relic Ruin Guide

Last Update: February 19, 2022


Aloy outside of an abandoned building in No Man's Land

Hail, fellow tribesman. So you've made your way further into Horizon Forbidden West, finally stepping into No Man's Land and continuing Aloy's journey. But what about the Relic Ruin found in this area? How do you get inside and get the reward? In this Horizon Forbidden West No Man's Land Relic Ruin guide we'll give you all you need to know.

The location of No Man's Land's Relic Ruin on the map screen
Get a bit further in the main story then head here.

Horizon Forbidden West No Man's Land Relic Ruin Guide – Where Is It Located?

The Relic Ruin for No Man's Land is a small way southwest of the scrap contract you meet when you first enter the area. Follow the paths and your map should let you know when you get close.


Fair warning, you will not be able to get into this Relic Ruin until you get the Igniter tool. Aloy will naturally get this after completing the main story chapter, Death's Door. Once that is done, feel free to come back and start this puzzle properly.

Horizon Forbidden West No Man's Land Relic Ruin Guide – Solving The Puzzle

The first place you need to go in this Relic Ruin is a ruined courtyard. On the leftmost wall, you should see a crate lodged in the wall that you can yank out with your pullcaster. Do so, then drag it to the foothold on the right-most wall and climb up. While on this floor, you should see some firegleam. Detonate it with your Igniter and head inside.

You should be looking over a shallow pool of water along with a few raised platforms. First, before you do anything else, head to the left and get as far out as you can without falling. You should see another crate you can use your pullcaster on, sticking out through some rusted rods. Pull it as close as you can until it is stuck. Next, go back out the way you came and try to grapple the crate again and pull it into the water. This will be important later.

Aloy pulling a crate off a platform
This will save you a bit of backtracking later.

Next, head down and scan the purple item on the far wall. That is the keycode you'll need for getting inside. As for opening the door itself, that requires you to restore power to the keypad itself. This is where things will get tricky. First, go into the shallow pool of water and look for a bit of rubble you can attach your pullcaster to. Look for the stone arch framing it if you're having trouble. Use your pullcaster to clear out the rubble and head through the path.

Following this path should take you outside again next to another batch of firegleam. Use your Igniter on this wall. Inside should be a small niche containing a power cell. Pull it out and retrace your steps back to the shallow pool. So you have an energy cell, but there's no charge. Well, there is a charging station on the lower levels of the pool. For simplicity's sake, the charging station is on the side you didn't get the keypad code from. But if you just charge the power cell and try to wade through the pool, it will short circuit and hurt you.

This is where that crate from before comes in. Move the crate so it is against a wall. Don't use the ramp, you need to be able to walk on top of this crate. Next, charge the cell, then place it on top of the crate. Move the crate across the pool and up the ramp to the other side. Hop on top of the crate, take the charged cell, and put it inside the wall socket. Finally, move the crate to the wall where you see footholds and use it for a boost.


Aloy putting a charged cell on a crate in a shallow pool
Genuine "A-Ha!" moment right here.

From here you should be right in front of the keypad and locked door. Consult your journal for the keypad code, punch it in, and collect your prize.

And that was how to solve the Relic Ruin found in No Man's Land in Horizon Forbidden West.




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